So, the title and considering the blog’s main focus, this post is probably clear. It has been awhile since I did a person post and seeing that this series of person posts went from dealing with depress ramblings to talking about moments in my life. Time to talk about one.

Seeing that today (the day the post came out Feb 22) is my birthday, and as of last month I have been watching anime for 5 years. It is a rather big milestone. I mean 5 years of my 24 years of life is pretty almost 1/6th of my life watching this stuff, granted I been writing for much longer than that. But that is a post for probably April since that is the 10 year point.

So, I guess I will talk about two things about anime. One, how my view of it changed in recent years to the more recent development of unintentionally and finally getting my younger brothers into at least one series.

I know I talked about how I got into anime before, by accident. Prior I had the set idea of well, mostly thinking anime was hentai. I will admit sometimes I do question this, but that was more for ecchi series.

When I was first into anime I did watch dub. The first year I watched a lot of longer series, and it was about once a month or so. Not until around October or even November where I started to almost watch a new series weekly.  Oddly enough Harem and Ecchi anime were among my favorite genres. Now I can hardly stand the stuff.

I think now why I can’t stand Ecchi or Harem, is a mixture of it being too extreme now in ecchi case. Harem, well they tend to be super generic now. There was a rather large boom for almost a year straight back in 2014 to 2015. It was due to that what really killed it. The year before a lot of bad ones kept coming out. I guess I was tired of it not having an ending (since they were all based on light novels and ended on cliffhangers) or the plot was always, and I mean always “Boy being the only boy at an all-girl school because he is the only boy to demonstrate this power.” There were a few decent ones, but it is hard to still find good ones. In the last year it felt like there has hardly been any after the spring season. I can only think of one and that is a reverse harem.

that one pic that has been showing up when mentioning this series
This show was bad at times, but still entertaining. If only I remembered the full name of it.

Anyway, in the second year that was when I started to mainly watch shows that aired weekly. The winter season I only saw two, the spring turned into a few more, and eventually around the time I started to blog it blew up to almost twenty shows each season. When I started to watch shows on a seasonal basis I was still knocking down series left and right sometimes in just two days.  Most cases I was watching one to two shows a week.


However, although I consumed a lot of the media back then and now I don’t, I do fear I am getting out of it. But I am not. Back then I would finish anything I started, even if I did not like it. Now I mainly watch shows seasonally, with a slow, but constant one that has finished airing. I may watch fewer shows, but now I complete them all and enjoy them.


I went from watching a lot of harem and ecchi or action and comedy to more action and drama, with the occasional comedy at least one or two a season.

There are a lot of things I still enjoy, and I am sure, if I am still into anime five years from now, I may be watching less, but I will still enjoy shows. Our generation are enjoying things longer. While we may not always enjoy the things of our youth, we go onto create new things, ones that are targeting both our generation and the next one. So, anime is clearly changing, but it is keeping a lot in mind while it is doing it.


Alright, so, I got my brothers into Dragon Ball Super. The youngest, who still does not know I am into anime, sort of stopped after a bit watching the original Dragon Ball, and also decided to wait for a bit for the dub before continuing, but that is still something. As for my other brother, who knows I am into anime, asked me on where he could watch Super.

This was sort of after a few months of me getting excited, playing Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, and a few other things. Needless to say, although I reminded him the dub was coming out, he decided to watch it subbed. It honestly surprised me, but I guess his act of being lazy and a tad impatient for once worked in him trying something new. He did not want to wait for the dub. Considering it would be over a year until he was caught up.

Xenoverse 2 was fun by the way.

It honestly surprised me how quickly he did it too. In a way it reminded me of when I got into Fairy Tail. It might have not been the first anime I watched, but it was certainly the one that made me want to watch a lot more. Well, my brother did that in about two weeks and caught up. Like me he watches the newest episode the day of. It is nice to have someone, in person for once, to talk about anime. Now he is far ahead in the original Dragon Ball. I was thinking of other series to try to get him into, but I think I will wait.


For now, I am glad I got him into the one. I remembered back when I was still in school I wanted to write a post talking about the time I tried joining the anime club. It did not work out, mostly because at the time I was into anime for a little over a year and saw over 100 different series, no one really got what I was talking about. Joining twitter and starting my blog I still get that with some people, and I am like that with some people too.

It certainly is nice to have people to talk to about your interests. I may still keep it a secret from my parents due to misunderstandings, but I like that. It is now something I can share with just my brothers and not be bothered about it from others. Over the last 5 years, I am glad where I am with it today where it is like that. Plus, I can still question how I manage to hide well over 70 volumes of manga.

That’s all. So, feel free to share how you got into anime, or how long you been watching it.

– Joe