Alright, new month, new stuff, sort of. I mean after the last few months of being busy with Graduate School applications, it is more back to the old. January it was about catching up on weekly reviews, and getting used to the new season. Last month was more, still trying to catch up and just focusing on weekly reviews. But now, it is time to get everything remotely back to the way it was.

This month I plan on bringing back weekend reviews.

However, I am doing a theme for this month. With the release of Ghost in the Shell, I plan on getting reviews of the original movie (Same day as the new film), Stand Alone Complex (At least S1 hopefully S2), and maybe the New Movies from the recent years. Not sure if I will do a review of the new movie, if I do, that will be in April.major-from-ghost-in-the-shell

As for Manga reviews, (since I am skipping a Graphic Novel one this month) I am doing the first 2 volumes of Twin Star Exorcists. With the anime coming to an end, I figured this month might be a good idea. I will probably do a manga comparison next month since the anime will be wrapped up. I have the first seven volumes to go off of, so, there is that.


Other Reviews:

Now, I do have several reviews I wish to write, Love Live Sunshine, Aria, Keijo, Occultic;Nine, and Amanchu.

So, I think April will be a review filled month, at least getting, Keijo, Occultic;Nine, Chaos;Child, Twin Star Exorcists, and Konosuba S2, to get all weekly reviews in a series review so I can be more critical on them.

Those will probably be twice a week then. But I will know more come next month.


Top Fives

Now that I realized how much I have planned, at least for this month in terms of reviews, I still need to see most of the Ghost in the Shell Series, so Top Fives will return hopefully in April.

Of course if you have any ideas, since I would like to make them bi-weekly again, do feel free to give suggestions. This is my longest running series of posts; I would like to see it continue. Plus, be it a blogger or through twitter I will give a shout out to the person who came up with the idea.

What Else:

Not really sure what I will come out with this month. With me now finally catching up on my goal for weekly reviews, well, I just want to continue the slow comeback. I have been blogging for two years now, and am now only feeling the slight exhaustion from getting several posts out weekly for so long. But I mean, do I need to do more, I will have 4 posts out each week this month.Maybe this is why I am starting to feel this exhaustion. So maybe a break is in order, at least from weekly reviews, since I can only think of one to do next season, and that is a maybe.


Personal Issues that Could Affect Reviewer’s Corner:

I want to go back to writing my novel, I really hate (and I never like using the word hate) how much I been neglecting it. Next season, I will either review either one show or none, I do not know yet. My novel is something that I always say takes priority and should, but sometimes I never do.

Since graduation I been slacking more and more, and with work, needing to find a better job, graduate school applications, and having way too many games to play, I been putting it way too much on the back burner. My goal for now is to get maybe a few minutes during the week day, be it a half hour or an hour, editing or writing or looking for an agent. Slowly give more time to it each week after that. The weekends I would like to go for at least an hour. It will be ten years since I started writing this book/series next month. I do not want to see it die now.

When I was in college I would write reviews and blog posts at home. At school since I had to get there early for a parking spot, I would be write for a good hour or two on my novel before class. I do not get that time from waiting, nor give it the time since I graduated last year.

Unfortunately, if I cannot get back on track with my writing, and I really do not want to say this. But, if I cannot I will start by trying to limit my posts to just series reviews or just a post a week. If that does not work, then a month break. If I cannot find even ground by then, well, it will be my time to say good-bye here.

I do not want it to come down shutting The Reviewer’s Corner down. In two years I was able to make friends, find a community to share my interests, and so much more. I am so greatful for this place. I want to see it grow more. It means so much to me, but my novel has always meant more. If I can’t have both, I have to go with my novel.

The Reviewer’s Corner was partially created to promote my writing, write in other styles, and improve my writing in general all for my novel. Right now, it is holding it back. So, if it has to end, it will be for my novel.

So, as much as it hurts me to think of the idea, if I cannot pull around by June, it may mean it is time to say goodbye. Be it for good or a few months, I do not know. But I am hopeful I can change, otherwise I would not be planning out stuff for the next few months.

So, I will do my best, and hopefully I can continue doing both things I love.

I said when the time comes and I decided to end it here I would do a post about it. It is only fair that I give a possible warning about it to because of how hard of a decision this is and how important this place means to me.

– Joe