Alright, for once I can talk about what I am watching, how I literally only dropped two, and actually picked up more than I dropped in the course of an anime season. So, this season is pretty strong, at least in terms of what I am watching and enjoying.


So, time to get out the ones I dropped, just so I can get the complaining parts out-of-the-way.

Schoolgirl Strikers:

Dropped at: 2 Episodes

I really liked concepts of this series, the characters I found enjoyable, the fighting was nicely done. However, in both episodes I did see, everything else made me sleepy, I honestly think I feel asleep during episode one. For whatever reason, I just could not get into the other 90% of the series. I really wanted to try episode 3, but I had a feeling it would be the same as the first two episodes.



Dropped at: 3 Episodes

I was looking forward towards this series. It sounded interesting, but it wasn’t, at least not as much as I hoped. The transitions were really weird and bothered me. But the lines that were said were weird too. I could not get into it due to the dialogue.  I could not see the series getting any better. But I will wait until it is over to think about maybe giving it another shot.


New Pick Ups:

ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.:

I will admit I am now two episodes behind. I started watching it when episode 5 aired. I heard it was good, so I wanted to check it out, throw in the fact nothing airs on Tuesdays, and well even more reason to start. I rather enjoy it, and with the manga completed, it is comforting to know that this will adapt the full manga. I just need to catch up now.

Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club:

I just picked this show on a whim. Saw a few people on twitter watching it, and I did not have much to watch on Fridays, I gave it a shot, and surprisingly really enjoyed it. Not much to say other than that. The show is rather average, but still enjoyable.

I like the end cards and pretty much every adult woman in this show.

What I am watching:

Well, Konosuba and Chaos;Child I am rather enjoying, Konosuba Season 2 is reviewed here. While Chaos;Child is over on Anime Corps.



I am a few episodes behind, in fact this is the only one of two shows I am behind on by more than two episodes. I like it, maybe not love it, but I always had the feeling it would be better in anime form, when I checked the manga out so many years ago. I was right, however I still want to continue the manga now that I am enjoying it.


Interviews With Monster Girls:

It is hard to say what I would say the anime of the season is. A lot of people would probably say this one. I like it, but at most it would be the top three, it feels like there are others that are better. Still enjoyable, and out of the ones I will talk about, this one I would probably recommend to check out at some point.


Gabriel DropOut:

Certainly, is up there for best comedy. I like it, and I have to put it in a similar boat with Interviews with Monster Girls. I like it, but I really do not know what I would have as the best of the season, I have a remote feeling, but again, still enjoyable and it being the only Monday show makes it nice.


Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid:

Out of the last three, this one seems more likely to be my favorite of the season. Cute dragons, it is funny, and it is just overall enjoyable. I look forward to it more and more each week. Not much to say other than that.


Akiba’s Trip the Animation:

I started off really liking this show. But as episodes continued they feel into just doing the same thing over and over. The female leads are hardly around, and it is just too repetitive. At the start of the season I could have sworn I would have thought this would be in my top 2 of the season, now it is at the bottom of the barrel. I still like it, so I will continue.


What Else:

Since everyone seems to be raving about Kemono Friends and it being super amazing. I am thinking of giving it another shot. Although I do not know if I will.

That is all I am watching this season, it does not seem like much, but what I am watching I am enjoying a lot, so I do not have any complaints.

What are you enjoying so far this season?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe