It is safe to say this episode shaped how the show will end. It certainly took an approach I was not fully expecting. A part of me knew it was a possibility, but I did not want to see it go down that road. Either way the long road is finally coming to an end.

The Plot:

After an episode to build up this fight, well the fight happens, and right off the bat Rokuro is going all out. Yet, although all fights prior Yuto had the clear upper hand, Rokuro is coming out on top.

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 1

Of course, it I am starting to think Yuto is not just in love with Rokuro, but is also a yandere masochist.

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 2

Anyway, Mikage is told to stop by Arima. Mikage also reveals that he is in fact Abe no Seimei in person. (Even though the manga has Abe no Seimei as a girl and Rokuro’s mom but whatever). Anyway, everything was his plan all along, but he explains a bit more later.

Rokuro and Yuto continue their fight. Rokuro does not want to kill Yuto. If he does he knows it will turn him into the Calamity King. Yuto is pretty much tricking him like always.

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 5twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 6

After a quick flashback of the two, and I believe this was a canon moment, not sure why they are only revealing it now, but it was just of the two in their training days with Seigen.

Yuto continues to say how similar the two are. Which Rokuro denies.

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 9

Back to Mikage, he explains about Benio, how she absorbs Yang energy. Rokuro absorbs Yin energy, so their child would absorb both. This is what would make the Miko so powerful. Anyway, Yuto was not part of his plan. Since the two are twins, Yuto was a counter active against Benio, so he too absorbs Yin energy like Rokuro. Because of that unnecessariness, he needs to find meaning, that meaning is to awaken the Calamity King.

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 10

So, Yuto threatens everyone Rokuro cares about by opening a Dragon Spot. This sends him into a state of pure rage. He wants to protect everyone, but in doing so he loses control.

Ultimately, Rokuro goes to the real world, killing Yuto and becoming the Calamity King. He loses his memories, only to remember Benio, and how he only wanted to protect her and never leave her. But to make matters worse the Burial Ritual that was put in place to kill him if he does become the Calamity King did not work.

Thus, ends with Yuto dead and Rokuro on a rampage.

twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 19twin star exorcists ep 46 pic 18

Overall Thoughts:

A part of me did not want to see Rokuro becoming the Calamity King. But, I can see one way the show will end. This show is going down the road where the final fight will be between Rokuro and Benio. I hope for a happy one.

The manga tends to put just as much focus on the relationship as the fighting. With the anime now combining to two, hopefully it ends with the romance still intact. How though, that I am not sure.

This episode was the final turning point, but still gave insight to the overall story. It was nice to see that twist with Mikage, who after all this time I thought was evil or something. Even with his new role, it is still hard to say what he is planning. It feels like there is more to it. What that is, will probably have to do with the end.

This episode was certainly enjoyable, my only real issue was the slight balance of the fighting and Mikage, but it was still well placed with the fighting. The first time felt like it came too sudden, and did not last long with the reveal. The second time was important due to literally cutting away to Yuto saying his realization that was just mentioned.

Regardless, this show, at least to me, is now shining at its brightest, with a few episodes left, hopefully it sticks the landing.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode, just keep in mind for spoilers for later episodes.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe