I am still in disbelief this is the next to last episode. So, I am going to save all my random rambling and nostalgia for the final episode review. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Anyway, Arima comes in and goes to target Abe no Seimei. Rokuro was in the middle of trying to save Benio. But Arima wants to put up the fight to give time for Rokuro to free Benio.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 1

The link between Benio and Rokuro is what is allowing Rokuro to break Benio free. It is all through the hairclips that Rokuro gave her. Both have stored some spell power that is allowing them to be connected.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 2

Anyway, Kamui shows up and wants to fight Abe no Seimei. First time he has appeared in so long. It is nice to see the one cannon Basara to return. Anyway, it probably should be a good reminder he just wants to fight strong people. So, he is here.

Benio is freed, and well, Rokuro and Benio argue. Both are annoyed at the other’s actions. Benio for going with Abe no Seimei and Rokuro for getting the idea he could do it alone.

Then they kiss.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 8

Then Benio pushes Rokuro away only to kiss him back.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 9

The two are then snapped back to reality as Arima falls. They go to Abe no Seimei, only to get captured and for Rokuro then use some of his Kegare powers.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 10

Anyway, long conversation with Abe no Seimei. His plan goes into motion. He did not want to do this. But he has been trying to change humanity so the Calamity King would not exist.

So, Rokuro and Benio use Resonance to try to put an end to the evil plan. Once all the petals fall, everything will come to an end.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 15

But Rokuro and Benio see the fact that all their time together, both happy and sad have made them stronger. Yet, it turns out the fact that no Kegare will exist, but the fact that Rokuro and Benio point out is that even Kegare and Basara have shown emotion, fear, pain, kindness, love, and so much more. They are not that different. So, in a way their fight then comes to them representing both sides.

The episode ends with the final petal about to fall.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 21

Overall Thoughts:

I am really trying not to view the show as a whole right now. I want to save that for the final episode. But this episode in the second half brought out how far Benio and Rokuro have come. Sure, it was a little recap. It annoys me that there was a few minute recap in the next to last episode, but it also served as two great reminders. The first, how far Benio and Rokuro have come, their relationship, what they hold dear. I am glad they brought up how much of an impact Sae-chan left on them. She may have only been in 10 episodes, but almost 20 episodes later, she still plays a minor role. The other thing being what they realized, how Kegare are not so different from humans, even though they fight one another.

Due to those two flashback moments, it brought out how far they came and what they learned. It gave the feeling that this is the next to last episode. With how these past 10 episodes have been, this may have hit the brakes just at last-minute, but served a good point and a more solid realization that this is their final fight. This may not be what they thought they would be doing, what they been training for, but they got here together and they will go down fighting together.

I know I started talking about the latter half of the episode first, but the first half with Benio and Rokuro’s kiss, seemed fitting for them. They started off at each other’s throats. Now there may be romance between them. Now they only argue about the fact on how they do not need to do it alone. It seemed so fitting. I personally like the thought of this being their first kiss compared to the one they almost had a few episodes ago. That one was more romantic, while this one, honestly fits their style a lot more. Both being reluctant and annoyed, but both truly glad the other finally did it and showed their feelings fully.

Personally, I wanted to see the fight start this episode. It seems like they are just dragging it on. My only hope for the final episode, judging by the preview, that the fight is not over in 2 minutes. I want to see it be similar to how Yuto’s arc ended, back on episode 20, where the fight took up everything but the last five minutes. Since this is an original ending and they have gone to a point where the only way to be cannon again is restarting the series, I would like to see an epilogue. Be it a few months later or a huge time skip, maybe showing the Miko. Either way, a lot comes down to the final episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Feel free to give your thoughts on the series or this episode.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe