After almost one year, and after 50 episodes, Twin Star Exorcists has come to an end. The final episode might not have been what I expected, but it certainly gave a strong ending the show deserved. So much has happened, although about 12 episodes or so may cover the actual manga, and only 5 volumes of the manga, there is still a lot that happened. But, instead of continuing this ramble in delaying the inevitable, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Well, the final petal that will pretty much put an end to any form of individuality is starting to fall. To make matters worse Abe no Seimei hits the nail on the coffin for Rokuro and Benio. He tells them, although they grew and could fall in love through their pain, this does not change the fact that they created Kegare. So even though others could fall in their footsteps, it will still create Kegare and thus never end the fight. Then he puts them to sleep, putting an end to their Resonance and their morale, and causing the petal to fall.

But this does not stop them. One of the branches glow. Yes, Sae-chan returns. In their dream like state, or plan of existence, or whatever, despite losing hope, Sae-chan appears and gives them the morale boost they needed. It is not just her, but everyone, the 12 Guardians, their friends, and pretty much the people of earth lend them their energy.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 8

Call it Deus ex Machina is up to you, but all the spell power that the Ame-no-mihashira absorbed, now is boosting the Resonance Ability. Thus, Rokuro and Benio returned the world to normal. Everyone turns normal again, including the Twelve Guardians.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 9twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 10

So, they saved everything. Rokuro then gives a short little speech how he always wants to be with Benio, one day marry her and see their kids grow up and have kids. Then Benio pretty much says ditto. Then they finally tell the other they love them.

Of course, their romance is quickly interrupted as Abe no Seimei starts to laugh and teases them. They snap back to reality and Abe no Seimei is willing to wait another thousand years. Rokuro and Benio vow to try to give balance between Yin and Yang, which was apparently the original goal for Abe no Seimei and all exorcists.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 18twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 19

Sometime later it is time for a wedding. But well, it is not for Rokuro and Benio, but their good pals, Ryougo and Haruka. Rokuro and Benio might be nervous, but that is because they need to give a speech to the married couple.

Of course, although they give the speech, Kinoko gets a little upset, seeing that he thinks someday Benio won’t rely on him as much, due to being married to Rokuro.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 23

Anyway, after the wedding, Rokuro gives Benio a present, new hair ornaments. Starting to see the trend after a major fight he gets her new ones, like back when they fought Yuto for the first time.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 24

They kiss and the end credits role, with shots of everyone and how they will continue to fight together.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 25

Overall Thoughts:

The last few moments with the end credits, it really felt like they were trying to set more up. That is if they brought Yuto back somehow. But I doubt it. I only say this due to some characters appearing. The more recognizable and important one I know of is Shimon’s imouto/cousin. She was seen sleeping. Shimon and her relationship was hinted at through the series. She does play a major role in the manga. If the anime covered after the time skip, this would have been the first arc. But no, so she at least gets to be seen there.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 26

I do want this show to stay over. I mean I don’t want them to try to somehow make everything cannon again. But, instead start from scratch closer to the ending, like how Full Metal Alchemist did. Although I doubt something like that would happen, it would be nice.

This final episode really hit all the right notes. These last ten episodes I will say were super rocky. This final episode did not make it about any sort of fight. It was, as Sae-chan put it, the path they have walked. Everything they did together brought them to this moment. It was more of a realization ending then a fighting one. It seemed like it fit more, otherwise it would need another episode.

Even the scene when they said they love one another, felt like it was done right, and Abe no Seimei laughing seemed just the perfect time and brought everything back at the issues at hand. The wedding too. The moments may have had serious tension, but the comedy really hit at the right times, which seemed to be lacking at some points in the show. It may feel like they could have gone full circile, but it was obvious the two grew a lot stronger, both as people and as a couple.

I still wish there was a time skip, but unless they decide to somehow bring Yuto back, it does feel like they left room to continue somehow. So, as I said earlier, hopefully they just restart. But it did make the growth as characters much more clear than the manga has done in this time. I have not brought that up in so long, but looking back on all the episodes, it seems like Benio and Rokuro’s relationship is stronger in the anime, even if the manga counter parts are stronger in general.

Overall After 50 episodes, both good and bad, this show was still a lot of fun. As a fan of the manga, I will admit I had issues with this show. Although I will look at it closer as a whole and more critical in a series review, it still will not change the fact I enjoyed this show through and through. It certainly was a lot of fun, and I will miss it.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

As per usual when a series completes, I like to try to do a slide show with all the images I used. However Twin Star Exorcists being 50 episodes long, I have over 700 images to use and would rather not spend probably an hour clicking on all of them only to probably mess up the post.

Either way, what where your thoughts on the series? If you read the manga, what are your thoughts on that in general?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe