Another month, and a new season also starts.

I think I should begin to say what is probably most important first. Last month I gave myself an ultimatum. If I cannot find time to work on my novel, then I will be shutting down the Reviewer’s Corner.

As much as I don’t want to admit it, it has pushed me to write more. Not as much as I hoped. I unexpectedly happen to work almost every week day as a substitute teacher. So, most days when I got home, writing was not a major focus, same goes for watching anime and blogging.

However, despite this, I did see improvements. Maybe not as much as I hoped for, but I did see improvements. I will however, continue the approach so far. Aim to write a little bit at least every other day, that way I can get blog posts done as well.

April is really the turning point. I said in the last update that I am uncertain and I do not want to see either project die. So, if I am satisfied with the change by the end of April, well no problem. If I am not, well, I am going to go on Hiatus for the month of May before giving the final verdict in June.

I am only content with the growth this month, partially since I was busy with work, so I barely felt like even doing blog writing this past month too.

Either way I hope for the best. April is when I started working on my book. I can understand if I am not writing it all the time this month, but I want to aim to get it published too. So, working on either, is certainly fine for me.

thumbs up

Of course, since I only work as a substitute teacher, I really need to find a full-time job before the summer. College bills need to be paid. Either way, I may have to take May off to focus on job hunting.

I want to watch anime
Although somedays it is clear what I want to do, even if I don’t have time.

I would like to say the first half of this post was written almost a week prior to it being posted, the rest will either talk about any change, to the above, and what to expect this month.

Alright, so, I did see Ghost in the Shell, the one from 1995. So, hopefully that review will be out a few days after this post goes up. Either way, I think this month will start having a lot of series reviews, reviews of shows I watched and reviewed weekly. Shows I did not review weekly, well those will hopefully start out again next month.


I surprisingly do not have a lot of plans for this month. My main goal for the update was that first part. New season, so new shows will starting up, impression posts will be out and new weekly reviews too. I may switch out the one I want to do here for something else, I think I will enjoy the show more if I don’t review it. Either way that will be decided later.

I will admit it will be weird, Twin Star Exorcists is over, my longest episode review posts have come to an end. It will be weird starting soon without them coming out. But who knows, more things continue as things come to an end.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 24

That is all for right now. Hopefully I can continue my way of working on my book and hopefully get back into blogging a bit more for non-episode review posts.

– Joe