New Season, New Shows, same me. So, let’s get into this. The first season where I am only reviewing one show here Post-Twin Star Exorcists era. Going to be weird only doing one show here again each season, unless I pick up a multi-cour show again. Either way let’s get into this romantic comedy.

The Plot:

A strange Shinigami appears at the door step of Aino. She tells him if you don’t kiss he will die. Thus after, scaring him into making him know she is not just some religious nut, she shows him the Kiss Note. Whoever is named in there needs to kiss in 24 hours. Of course, Guri (she reveals her name later, but it is easier to call her this than Shinigami until then) is the one to die, not the actual person that is written.

Guri is also really into Yaoi and ships, so she accidentally wrote Aino’s name when trying to write an actor she likes. She also demonstrates the power of the Kiss Note with two members of the government. Oh yeah also due to the miss understanding Aino kisses Guri.

So they go to school so Aino can decide who to kiss. Of course he has a hug crush on the idol of the school Akane.  Well, Guri also says she is not able to be seen by anyone, but it turns out, after messing with Akane, she can be. Also, Akane despite being seen as the idol of the school turns out to be a yandere. But not just any Yandere, one who is obsessed with Aino, and he did not know this.

So, this yandere finds out Guri and the man she loved kiss, so she deicides to kill them.

After a chase, Akane finally catches up, and stabs Guri. It turns out Akane knew of Aino’s crush on her, and because of this, she felt no one loved her more than him so she loved him just the same.

Love Tyrant ep 1 pic 13

Before she can kill Aino, since she is a yandere and if someone else takes him not even he can live, Guri writes her name next to Aino, thus they become a couple. It was known that if the couple does not kiss they would be a virgin forever, but if the couple does kiss they will be married forever.

Love Tyrant ep 1 pic 14

Then Guri reveals she is not a Shinigami, but an angel, well a cupid to be more exact. She just likes cosplaying as a Shinigami. Also she wants in on Akane and Aino’s ship and writes her name next to theirs, thus giving them the ability to not die.

Later on, for the second half of the episode, Guri is apparently living with Aino now, her boss shows up to explain a few things. Basically, since they are now temporary angels thanks to Guri, they need to use the kiss note. Also Guri is really bad at her job since all she wants to do are yaoi ships. There needs to be balance and actual meaning behind the shipping.

Love Tyrant ep 1 pic 19

Anyway, one girl is watching them, steals the Kiss Note, and runs off in a chase ultimately falling off the roof due to some weird barrier she has and Aino catches her.

Love Tyrant ep 1 pic 20

Long story short, she wanted to write down her name to be with Akane. But it turns out only angels can write in it. Also, Akane knows this girl likes her, and refuses to return the feelings since they are sisters. But Guri does not care and writes down her name in the notebook. Thus the end of the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

Certainly, a fun first episode, I remember checking out the manga a long time ago. I do not remember much, but I think it is safe to say there will be a lot of yaoi and yuri jokes. This show is also labeled as a harem, which I did not know. So, this is the first harem anime I am reviewing since Monster Musume I think.

Either way, I am a little uncertain if I will review this show. Comedy really depends on the person itself. Sure, Konosuba may be a comedy, but it is also a fantasy with a lot of plot. This show does not give me that feeling. It is too soon to say.

Certainly, there is some mystery, mostly why did Akane’s sister have that weird shield around her. Well, if cupids exist it probably means some form of supernatural powers exist too.

I do find it weird how little I have to say about this episode, normally I have a lot more, it was funny, and unfortunately that is all to say. It feels like not enough happened to talk about, a few scenes and random comedic moments happened and it was done. It really did not try to outdo any show, or build up anything dramatic, it just was there.

I really hope this does not get repetitive (it honestly feels like it could real easy), if that is the case, I might try to find some other show to start reviewing weekly here, I am just not sure what that will be.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

As always feel free to comment your thoughts on the episode or series.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe