So, new season brings new shows. Some continue from the previous season, but most are new. Sometimes it is a new season for a show, but most of the time it is new in general. Either way time for a short rant before getting right into what I am watching this season.

It is really annoying how Anime Strike got a lot of shows I wanted to check out. I am mostly annoyed at the fact that you need to get Amazon Prime before being able to get the streaming service. Sure, if it was just part of Prime (like everywhere else outside of the US, except one or two places) it would be good. With the price (not including Prime) it certainly would be the cheapest streaming platform for anime. But, it is neither of those things and at over 160 dollars a year or 20 dollars a month, it frustrates me so making it not worth it in my eyes.

So, seeing that most of the shows I wanted to check out were snatched by them, this leaves me with none of the shows I mentioned on the Pre-Season post.

Also, pretty much all of these shows are streamed by Crunchyroll, with the acceptation of one or two of them that can also be found on Daisuki as well.

What I am reviewing:

Normally I would not bother talking about these shows. For once I will.

Love Tyrant:

This show to me in the first episode I rather enjoyed. But I did run into an issue, I do not think I can enjoy reviewing it here. It certain feels like a show that should not be reviewed weekly, but instead as a whole. This marks the first series I am dropping for weekly reviews, (at least here on The Reviewer’s Corner).

Right now, I am still thinking what I should replace it with or maybe even watch an older series and do weekly reviews of that. I think I may try doing Granblue Fantasy. There are no promises, but if I do, the first one will be a short summary of the first three episodes. I will try to do at least that to get a feel for it.

Love Tyrant ep 1 pic 25

Sakura Quest

I am reviewing this over at Anime Corps. I will say the first two episodes were very enjoyable. The second one was certainly stronger of the two. Out of all the shows this season, this one is certainly living up to my expectations so far. I hope it stays strong, but only time will tell.

Sakura Quest pic thing

Alright, here is what I am watching:

Attack on Titan S2

That opening theme confused me like crazy. It mostly brings up the question why dinosaurs are returning. Anyway, the show itself did not skip a beat despite a season one being a surprising four years ago now. It honestly felt like it was newer than that.  This episode was still good, and honestly despite not seeing any of the series in so long, I remembered a lot what happened and a few key things just continued to pop into my head as the episode passed. Sure, I may not remember all the characters, but new and old faces seemed to emerge and it was a good opener to the season and not feeling lost in the plot too, like most shows on their second or third season with a delay.

Intrest: 90/100

attack on potato

My Hero Academia S2

I ended up finishing Season one before hopping right into season 2. I will say it was a little odd, especially comparing it to Attack on Titan S2’s first episode. Although only an hour passed between watching the two seasons, I got this sort of disconnect. It felt like a lot more time passed, even though it looked like only a few days.  It was still odd to see. Sure, the characters were all there and fresh in my mind. But it did not give me the same feeling that Attack on Titan gave me. Perhaps it was due to not throwing me right into the action, but instead build up for the new arc that is about to take place. Either way it was still a nice episode, although it felt more like a recap at times.

Intrest: 100/100


Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor

The first episode was alright. The second one, despite a glaring issue with the final few minutes, was certainly more enjoyable. I only say I have an issue with the second one due to a certain scene, that was turned into a joke. It should not have been a joke in the slightest. Despite this, I originally had no intention of watching it, but now, it has my interest at least for a few more episodes.

Interest: 80/100 providing it does not do another joke like that again

tea drinking smug
I love this picture way too much.

Clockwork Planet

I was interested in the fact that this was by the creator of No Game No Life, well, the first episode was just alright. It was nothing too special, in all honesty, like most of the shows, the second episode has aired, but I have not gone and watched it. I will not be surprised if I do not go past episode one. But who knows.

Interest: Meh at best

clockwork planet

Hinako Note

Like 90 percent of the shows on here, I had little to no intention of checking it out. Again, it was a pleasant surprise. It is certainly a nice show to start the weekend on after a week of work. It has a good balance of light humor and just random cute moments.

Interest: 70/100

hinata note

Twin Angels BREAK

A magical girl series, and it has been a long time since I saw one. I honestly was thinking of switching out Love Tyrant weekly reviews for this, but I get the same feeling where it is certainly a lot more enjoyable to watch then review.

Interest: 80/100

dealing with people

Eromanga Sensei

Where to begin on this one. It was alright. Gives a lot of Oreimo vibes. People say it does go that route too. So, I am a little up in the air about it.  Again, not sure if I will continue this one too.

Interest: Sort of Meh at best

eromanga sensei


I have no idea what to say. Of all the shows, I would put under as meh, this one oddly swings closer to the one where I would continue to watch. I did check out the first three, and the first one was the meh one, second one was also sort of alright, third one was a lot better. I do not expect a lot from this series, but it is just okay for now.

Interest: Ok I guess



I am not going to say the insanely long title of this show. It certainly had an alright first episode. This one I will give the three episode test. But not enough happened in the first episode that gave me enough of what to expect of this series.

Interest: Wait for Ep 2

blue haired girl show with super long title

Seven Mortal Sins

Super Ecchi. I will be surprised if I finished, but unlike Tsugumomo I was able to stay entertained the whole way through. This was the last show I had to wait for so this post could come out. Either way, it certainly has my interest for a few episodes, even if the censoring thing is annoying.

Interest: 70/100


Alice and Zoroku

I was thinking of doing this for weekly reviews as well. I did like the first two episodes. But in all honesty, I do not know. It is certainly one of my more enjoyed shows this season. So, here is hoping it continues like this. The first episode may have been a double one, at 44 minutes, but the second one really gave the feeling for what to expect of the show, more light hearted than action.

Interest: 90/100


Granblue Fantasy

As I said at the start I did like this one, and will think of doing a weekly review on it to replace Love Tyrant. I only saw the first episode, not back in January, but a few weeks ago. This was so I did not have to wait, and could at least start to get the idea of watching it weekly. The first one was fun, but I still need to see the second and third to decide if I will review it.

Interest: 90/100

granblue fantasy

I still have one or two shows to check out that have aired, I just have not got around to them, maybe I will mention them in the mid-season impressions post. I also did not talk about any shorts I may be watching, so I might do the same come the mid-season post.

Either way, feel free to comment what you are watching this season, what intrested you, what shows are going beyond your expectations and what are not. 

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe