The time has come again to talk about some shows I watched. I will admit it always comes down to after the mid-season impressions where I start to drop shows and whatnot. I do have a few I wish to complete, but I will mention those last. Some I do plan on writing reviews for, so I may mention that. Either way the thoughts will be brief or as brief as I can make it.

Obviously, feel free to comment what you watched during the winter season, any show you liked, did not like, or even something you did not watch and are curious about.

I am fairly certain all shows I watched Crunchyroll streamed, not 100 percent sure if Daisuki streamed any of these.

What I watched:

So, there are a few shows I did not complete, I will say those at the end, since in some cases I do intend to finish.

Interviews with Monster Girls:

I really did enjoy this series, had a few minor issues. But overall it was enjoyable. I think the only thing I did not really like is the fact that it felt like not much happened. It was not really an action packed show or even a plot heavy show. There could be more to it, but it felt like there is not too much there where I really care if it does or does not get a season two.

Overall Enjoyment: 70/100


Gabriel DropOut:

Certainly a highlight in terms of comedy this season. I certainly would hope for more, but if there is not, I would not be surprised. Still a lot of fun, and had funny moments. I do get the feeling I will forget about it like Anne Happy from like a year ago. I enjoyed it, but I see it not offering anything super memorable in another season or two.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100


Konosuba S2:

Really enjoyed it, maybe not as much as season one. Most of my thoughts can easily be found in my weekly reviews. But if you saw the first season, season two is worth it. Waiting for Season three now.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100


Akiba’s Trip:

The first episode was rather enjoyable. I will say as much as I liked how silly this show was, it was too episodic. At one point the episodes had the same formula, and the main girls sort of never appeared. The final few episodes, although nicely done and had actual plot, it feels a little too late to fully redeem itself. Still, despite my many issues with it, I enjoyed the show for what it was.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100


Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid:

Best show of the season, easily. I really do hope it gets another season. Also do not be surprised if a lot of things for the Best of the Season come from this show, it will be hard not too. Still the characters were a lot of fun. The final two episodes were a very nice way to end the show, be it if it gets a second season or not. It feels complete. But I really want a season two.

Overall Enjoyment: Kanna/100

I will miss Best Daughter of the Year.

Shows I Plan to finish:

I sort of dropped Chaos;Child all together, so that was a thing.


It was fun, and I heard it took a different approach compared to the manga, so I am a bit interested. I sort of got distracted by video games and work to catch up. So, here is hoping since I want to.

Episodes Completed: 6/12


Minami Kamakura High School Girls Cycling Club:

It was really enjoyable, it also airs on Fridays and sort of had the same issue Fuuka had, work and video games got in the way. So, I did not continue. Also apparently the final episode has been delayed for some time. I might wait until that is out to finish the show. I am not sure. Still enjoyable.

Episodes Completed 9/13

End Cards were great.


The anime I believe adapts the whole manga. I watched the first five episodes in a sitting, so I then decided to wait until it finished. Unfortunately, I have not gotten back to it since then. So, probably soon I will watch the rest of the series, since I do like watching multiple episodes in one go.

Episodes Completed 5/12

Kemono Friends:

I did it for the Penguins and I was not disappointed. Surprisingly fun show after I gave it a second chance. Once I got past the animation everything was fine. Of course I waited until it finished airing to actually start watching it.

Episodes Completed 9/12

Again, feel free to comment what you watched this season.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe