I honestly had the Mobile G Fighter Gundam theme in my head when watching this episode. I mean one of the lines deals with flying in the sky. I really need to get past that since it has nothing to do with this episode. In fact, they are still on the second island, and looks like they will be still next episode. Anyway, enough of that random intro, time to continue.

The Plot:

So a brief flashback shows that Rackam did once try to fly the giant blimp, only it crashed. Ever since that day it would not fly again. Then it jumps to a few moments prior to the end of the previous episode. Rackam sees everything going down and gives some cover fire.

This time however, it does take a few shots towards Gran and company, this was to show them an emergency escape hatch. Like in the previous episode, this was just another tunnel from the war. They meet up with Rackam, and well, he is a tsundere for saving them.

granblue fantasy ep 4 pic 3

He then finds out why they were there. In any case, he does offer to teach Gran to fly, but he does not want to fly again or even leave the island unless it is on that ship.

With the fact that little general did say they have a means to destroy the island, cutting back to him, they’re about to go forward with it. Back to the group Katalina confirms that she has at least heard rumors of such a weapon. In all honesty after this episode, I think what is really happening and this weapon are two different things.

The group meets up with the bull chick and horse guy again. They are not working with the general, but clearly whoever hired them wants them to look over Lyria. But again, the group refuses their offer of a means to escape this island via a ship. It even escalates to a fight.

granblue fantasy ep 4 pic 8

The fight is cut short due to tornadoes. That would probably cut any fight short unless they were two air benders.

granblue fantasy ep 4 pic 9

The group is oddly relaxed, given the tornadoes, but go into the town, nearly attacked again by a tornado. Then they discover there is at least one ship available and, although Rackam offers to fly it, it gets blown out of the sky.

Since there are no options, and the discovery that the towns goddess is not only real, but in fact a primal beast who is not out of control, it is up to Lyria to save the day. Thus, they try Rackam’s ship again. Sure, enough it flies, and Rackam believed it may have been due to some higher power that the ship knew that if he stayed on the island he could save it. Thus, the episode ends when they are off to fight the primal beast.

Overall Thoughts:

I did like this episode. I am glad that the whole fight did not wrap up, and there is certainly more to the plot on this island. It still brings up the question exactly on where are they going for this series, in terms of ending it. When I think of the mobile game, it really does not feel like they can end the story in the next ten episodes. I may be wrong, but from what I played, they are still only on the first chapter.

No matter where it goes, this was still a nice episode. Sure, it was more of a transition episode, and we may have gotten some answers, there were a lot more questions brought up. Either way I expect the next episode to turn out like episode two, the first half deals with the monster, and the second half deals with Rackam agreeing to go with them. I do hope it does not go that predictable route, but who knows.

Either way my only complete or slight issue with this series so far is the animation style. Sometimes it bugs me and other times it does not. It seems to be both really well done and well sort of grainy. It is kind of weird to explain. I will probably get used to it by the end of the show.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Granblue Fantasy is streamed by both Crunchyroll and Daisuki for free in North America.

Either way, what where your thoughts on the series? If you play the game, what are your thoughts on that in general?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe