I think my only problem with Granblue Fantasty, is the episodes that end on conflict typically have an episode that follows where that conflict is resolved rather quickly. I mean the conflict is resolved rather nicely, it is just loses its meaning of a sort of cliffhanger. This episode was no different.

The Plot:

So, remember that dragon from the previous episode, Tiamat, well she is pretty cute when it shows the not dragon part of her. I guess Miss Kobayashi’s Maid Dragon still has a lingering effect on my love for dragon girls.

granblue fantasy ep 5 pic 1

Anyway, that evil short general guy, he is gloating and what not. They did something to Tiamat which made her mad. So, they just gloat from afar, and oddly are not seen again after this despite their plan obviously failing later.

granblue fantasy ep 5 pic 2

So, back to Lyria and Gram, they are in their airship and are not dodging attacks from the furious Tiamat. This of course only gets Tiamat a little more angry, once they make it into the clouds where she is. Thus, she is more on the attack. Also, Lyria cannot get a full connection to Tiamat, believing there may be some problem with her.

They get the idea to fly about Tiamat. Lyria gives some power of Bahamut to Gram, who then proceeds to fall out of the sky constantly dodging Tiamat’s attacks. Ultimately he destroys the crystal and saves Tiamat. He falls out of the sky only for Tiamat to save him.

Tiamat also gives Lyria something.

granblue fantasy ep 5 pic 11

Katalina heals Gram some time later. She tells him not to be as reckless, and well she sort of sees herself as his guardian now. I guess this could be since she sees herself as Lyria’s guardian and with both Gram and Lyria sharing a soul, she needs to protect him too to protect Lyria.

Anyway, the shopkeeper, after seeing Lyria have a vision with the crystal Tiamat gave her, reveals it is a piece of the Sky Map. Collecting all the sky map pieces will help them get through wherever the place they are going.

Long story short now, Rackman gets offered the job on the crew by Gram, which he accepts. They get a job offer from the shopkeeper. The Horse guy and bull lady meet with their boss and mention something about spreading rumors. Ultimately the episode ends with Gram and Crew going off to Valtz Duchy for the job and the location the Sky Map showed them.

Overall Thoughts:

It was a fairly enjoyable episode. Yet, with each passing episode I worry a bit on where this show could end. It feels like already there will need to be another season. I only say this since it did just take three episodes for this arc. I do hope it is not a “Go Play the Game” ending.

Enough worry about that. This episode was still enjoyable, despite the fact I still do not like how it started and finished the conflict in just eight minutes leaving the rest of the episode to build up the next episode. The conflict was still good and all. I really did like how Gram got a power boost so Bahamut does not seem like a waste. I also will not be surprised if Tiamat shows up again too like this.

As I mentioned in the plot portion it is kind of odd how the villains did not appear again once their plan failed, or even show a small scene with them furious for its failure. Really not much is known about the villains or the kingdoms goal. This is just another issue with mobile games, which if you did not know, this is based on.

Either way, not much to say. This show is doing well on the fantasy elements. The major downside to this series as a whole, is the lack of plot due to it being based on a mobile game. It feels like there is not enough detail when there should be more, again the villains are probably a great example. But again, it is based on a mobile game, there is only so much you can do to stretch a plot for those and this series is certainly trying its best, at least for now.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Granblue Fantasy is streamed by both Crunchyroll and Daisuki for free in North America.

Either way, what where your thoughts on the series? If you play the game, what are your thoughts on that in general?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe