I think the Dead Poets Society reference did not translate well for that title. Either way, I am just hoping next episode does not end on a cliffhanger. This show really likes ending on cliffhangers and it is honestly getting really annoying. This episode even ended on the cliché one of yelling a person’s name that is now doing something they would never think of them doing. Either way, I needed to get that rant out from the start, so let’s move on to everything else.

The Plot:

The group make it to port for where their job is. So, quick things to note. They meet the shop keeper pretty quickly, who tells them about the job and how it cannot be discussed then in there, personally that was just a waste of time. There was also the mentioning of how the town is cautious with outsiders, which is quickly proven true, but also quickly proven false later on. No one really seemed hesitant after the first scene, that was honestly weird. Anyway, their job given by a government official, is to find the Archduke, who oversees the island.

Anyway, they go off investigating, which again honestly makes it feel like this secret mission is no longer a secret. They were told to keep this low profile, but they are asking questions wondering where people last seen the Archduke, it makes it feel obvious that the guy is missing. But everyone seems to love him, he cares greatly for the town. But there are rumors the Empire wanted him to create a world destroying weapon, which is pretty dumb, but considering that last arc, I think it is more for intimidation.

Also, they are being followed.

granblue fantasy ep 6 pic 9


But this twintail follower, quickly reveals herself the following day. Everyone but Lyria knew they were being followed. Honestly her reaction when they told her felt like, maybe they should not tell her these things in the future so the people following them won’t know they are following them. But anyway, the twintail is attacked, so they save her.

granblue fantasy ep 6 pic 10

She mentions she is a full-fledged mage, but uses no magic, besides that invisible spell this episode. I mean I won’t be surprised if the next episode reveals she is lying about knowing magic, which is why she could not defend herself in that scene or what. Still, this episode feels a little like filler here, bad writing and plot design there.

granblue fantasy ep 6 pic 11

The girl, Io, her master is the Archduke, and he really is a mage. So, she goes along with the group. She also is in the opening and end credits, so expect her to be part of the team by the end of this hopefully two episode arc.

granblue fantasy ep 6 pic 12

So, they go to the next place, meet Horse Guy and Bull Lady. They also meet their boss, a really high level Dark Knight of the Empire, turns out Katalina was also possibly that rank, or at least as high of a rank. Starting to feel like there is more to Katalina’s past then just being a soldier for the Empire. Anyway, they revealed to the group the Archduke screwed the Empire over, and wants to create a machine that combines the primal crystals with machines. So, if Bahamut was actually Mecha Bahamut is what I got out of that. Also, he is after Lyria.

Then the second those people leave and give that warning the group is attacked by the Archduke’s machine. Thus, giving the ending of Io screaming for her master, since that machine went to attack her.

granblue fantasy ep 6 pic 16

Overall Thoughts:

Judging by how different I discussed the plot this episode alone probably answers close to how I feel about this episode. Not really a big fan on stopping explaining the plot to give some thoughts, but it certainly worked a lot better with this episode.

It did feel like there were a lot of dumb contradictions this episode. The people being nervous around outsiders, yet they had no probably talking about all this stuff to them. There was also Io, who I may give the benefit of the doubt since she has yet to perform any magic outside that invisibility spell.

Also, the shopkeeper, I know they were going for mysterious, but with the shopkeeper being a loli and looking the least bit mysterious, them saying I am everywhere and nowhere lost any form of meaning. I mean, Anne from Fire Emblem pulls that off well. That sort of thing just gets lost with a loli character.

So, enough about the ranting (at least for this paragraph). I do like the fact with what they are planning with what this Archduke character wants to do. I really hope, and I mean this in every possible way, this does not turn into a thing for this arc. I do hope something with the machines come back. It sounds like it would be a nice twist with the fantasy elements. Seeing both a primal crystal and the machine fusion. Will it work, probably not, but I want to keep my hopes up this stays with the series.

I get the feeling this will be a three episode arc. I hope not, since that just means next episode will end on a cliffhanger. They really stretched it with this episode and that cliffhanger. It is getting tiring and I just want to watch one episode without the feeling of wanting to watch the next one. At this point it is making me lose interest for the series or saying screw it and waiting for it to finish before continuing.

This episode did have a lot of interesting things to contribute to the series as a whole, but wow, there were a lot of both annoying and bad things that happened.

Overall Enjoyment: 65/100

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Either way, what where your thoughts on the series? If you play the game, what are your thoughts on that in general?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe