The winter season has been over for over two months now. Some shows, and most have, come and gone. While some moments of the winter season may seem memorable, some can be forgotten. Although this is my personal list of “Bests” I would like to hear your favorite things or not so favorite things from the winter season too. Either way, let’s get right into it.

Best of the Best:

 Best Daughter (of the Year): Kanna (Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid)

So, this is probably no surprise. I mean I will admit there is probably no best girl of the season, and maybe no best dude either. Kanna sort of took every ounce of attention as Best Daughter of the season. How could you deny her adorable little dragon-ness?

Honestly at this point when thinking about a lot of the bests of the season, this is probably the start of a trend. Kanna is adorable, and it is going to be hard to see if any other “Daughter” Character could come close to beating her this year. I mean she did take so much attention for the entire season of shows to the point where there is possibly no best girl or best dude that stand out in comparison, those will take some thought.

Best Girl: Benio (Twin Star Exorcists)

This show aired over a year ago, and went for 50 episodes. Although I would count it more in the Spring of 2016 Bests, the show ended in the winter season. Benio clearly has an episode advantage compared to all the other female characters, but, what can I say, none of them stick out, and I have way too many coming up that may have Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid characters.

Anyway, Benio I always enjoyed in the manga. The anime may mostly be original, and the manga version of Benio is pretty much the same. There was just more too her and her character in the anime. Between her strength and resolve, she could easily fight better on her own, and at the same time is still willing to admit she is not strong enough and needs help. I simply always liked Benio, from her sometimes cold demeanor to her more than willing to accept others.

twin star 11 6

Best Dude: Rokuro (Twin Star Exorcists)

Pretty much say the same thing that I did with Benio, only with Rokuro this time, sort of.

twin star 10 3

Best of Everything Else:

Best Worst Show: Akiba’s Trip the Animation

I know I plan to review this show, although with how I am planning series reviews, it won’t be out for months. This show was certainly fun and enjoyable, it just had a lot of issues. I think it is main due to the repetitive episodic nature for about ten episodes before going into an actual story arc to end the show.

Although the series was fun, it seemed too repetitive and most of the main characters seemed non-existent half the time. In one episode, it took almost ten minutes for them to appear. It honestly felt like the plot was just thrown out the window halfway through, or at least after the first episode. I never played the games (although I am tempted to play them), so I do not know if this sort of nature happens in the games. It might, and then at least this would make a bit of sense. Each episode had a boss character, an issue, and some obsession, rinse and repeat.

However, despite this it kept each episode different and random. It sort of was a parody. If the plot was more connected and there felt like there was more character development this show would turn out a lot better than it did. Although it was still a good show, there were a lot of issues that give it this title.

I should also mention I would have other shows go here, however I did not complete them, I only saw judgement on this one, due to completing it, in comparison to other shows that were completed this one was the worst.


Best Yuri Couple: Touru and Kobayashi (Dragon Maid)

This is probably obvious to those who seen the show. I mean sure at first they may not seem like one. By this I mean, it seems more like a one-sided crush. But over time it slowly develops. I think the finally had to really be the main reason for this. Until those last two episodes Kobayashi seemed to like Touru, but not in the way Touru likes her. I think it was due to her not realizing she liked Touru, those final episodes opened her eyes to it, and really showed her growth as a character since the start of the show. But also, show how far the two really have come.

I want to watch anime

Best Couple: Benio and Rokuro (Twin Star Exorcists)

Read the reasons why they are best boy and girl and throw in the 50 episodes of review posts and you pretty much have your answer. That is a lot of reading, but there was a lot to make them the best canon straight couple.

twin star exorcists ep 49 pic 9

Best Yaoi Couple: Fafnir and Makoto (Dragon Maid)

Ok, so this was a stretch. More than anything it is just the home reactions for the two of them just playing games and pretty much being like an old married couple knowing exactly what the other wants. I forget what episode it was, but for half of it, it followed the two of them at home and what they do, which made them get this ship.

Best Sequel Anime: Konosuba S2

This show I will admit was just as fun as the first season, it did feel like it was lacking something. Most of season one seemed like a new adventure every episode. This season was not. I did like it a lot for looking more into the world and having more focus, it certainly made the show a lot of fun. There is a lot of good and a few bad things, but it certainly was a good follow-up to the first season.


Best Show that isn’t Dragon Maid since that was the best show: Gabriel DropOut

It was pretty funny, a weekly laugh and a nice way to start a Monday afternoon. Sure I hope there is another season, but I doubt it. Either way there was a lot of laughs and maybe someday I would rewatch it, especially if there is a second season.


Best Show I need to Finish: Kemono Friends

I really need to finish this show, I started it after the season ended, since it was insanely popular. I stopped just short of the final episode. Either way, it was fun, hopefully I will get to it soon.

Best Show of the Season:  Dragon Maid

It should be obvious, Kyoani finds a way.


I know there are a lot of other things I could have done for “Best” but if I did this post would only get longer. I also want to make sure there are different focuses for each season instead of getting similar “Bests” each time.

Who/What was your “Best of” for the Winter season?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe