This last month has been between hectic and not so much. I have not watched a lot of anime, written a whole lot, or even did anything in terms of stalking up on reviews last month like I hoped. I know the problem for this, and I want to fix it. The issue is mainly video games.

The Issue

Sure, I will admit looking into jobs took some priority some days, but even then, I have been playing a lot more video games in the last month or two, and this past one has been at its highest.

I mean this is mostly been to unwind after a day of work. Weekends I sort of get distracted as well. It is not like I am watching a whole lot of anime compared to how I used to. This season alone, most shows I watch air between Friday and Sunday. All of which, I am a few episodes behind.

I want to fix this, mostly so I can write. I can understand the anime aspect. I am just winding down. I seen a lot of different anime. I want to see something that grabs ahold of my attention. Most shows seem to barely do that. They are starting to all seem somewhat similar with no real offering of something new. I started a lot and have not finished a lot either in recent months. I think I only completed airing shows and maybe one or two that I started that have finished airing.

Update posts are not just about what I hope to accomplish in the next month, it always seems to give me time to reflect a lot more on what has happened and what can I do to change it.

I will say, I have, mostly because of video games, writing and working on my novel once a week. This next month I want to do it at least twice and send two query letters to agents. Of course, I need to also get reviews done to start on that, and start planning more on my new blog idea.

Other Life Stuff

So, for those of you that don’t know, I am a substitute teacher currently. School is ending and I will be out of work. I have my college loans I need to pay, and blah blah blah. So, I am going to put more focus on my novel, job hunting, so again, Reviewer’s Corner will take a back seat, like it has been.

As much as I don’t want it to get put off, I like I have these last two months, I am forced to. This is what happens when I only have one post a week here, which even now is a struggle. This is mostly since I am just feeling okay about Granblue Fantasy. My hope is that come the summer season the show I am looking forward too is good, or at least keeps me more entertained to get episode reviews posted in a reasonable time.

I have not really looked at what is airing come the summer. By this years end I will not be surprised if I am not watching as much weekly, maybe one or two shows. To me that is fine. I like anime still, and I don’t see myself not watching it. I think that is okay. I went from someone who would watch anything and everything to finding the right show that can be enjoyed in every way.

Now, I guess this was more of a rambling update. I still want to aim to get a series review out at least two, three times a month. With how my priorities need to be turning a focus on a full-time job and a lot other important life stuff, well, I want to get hopefully one series review out this month. I want to get several done before continuing forward. The blog is two and a half years old now. So, although I may not be posting as much as I used to, I certainly want to make sure its next chapter goes off in a right start, even if its current chapter is a bit rocky.


It is a lot shorter of an update compared to the usual. But, as always, any suggestions for future posts or what you would like to see here would be nice.

– Joe