Where to begin with this episode? I mean, the last episode ended with a reasonable cliffhanger. Yet, I am not sure if it falls under the same category as all the others. It certainly made me feel indifferent about it. But there is also the fact the second half of this episode was so boring which made up for the disappointing continuation. Anyway, I should probably go into that a bit more, since there were some minor things that made up for that.

The Plot:

So, the previous episode mentioned how the Empire and the island they are on are pretty much at war. Well, although it did not appear that way last episode, this episode sort of seemingly starts with a glimpse at that. That is, before no other problems and the Empire seemingly disappears in the second half like they were never there attacking.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 1

Anyway, with Lyria taken, the man from the Empire is forcing her by any means necessary to get her to go with them. This involves threatening the people, and telling her she is worthless. Also pretty much gives her a mental breakdown saying she will ruin the lives of anyone she cares for.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 2

Of course, Gran shows up after not even six minutes of them being separated. Seriously, why was this episode titled “Separation” if ep 8 had them separated for even longer?

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 3

Anyway, the beast also appears, the Leviathan.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 4

Gran quickly wins the fight, but the Leviathan summons a huge wave to nearly drown everyone.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 5

But they are saved, by the flower lady, which is nice to see she is finally appearing.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 6

So, she is Rosetta-sama, and I agree with Gran adding the sama part. She tags along and tells them what is going on with Lyria, why she cannot wake up. How obviously since Gran’s life is tied with hers he is the only one that can help her, and so on and so on. Also, how this has no connection to the Primal Beast.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 7

The second half of the episode Kathlina gives a long, boring, and pretty much long version of 90 percent of what we know of her and Lyria before meeting Gran. I honestly almost fell asleep. Sure, we did not know Lyria was pretty emotionless, although it was hinted at half a dozen times. We know she was part of experiments for the Empire. What we did not know is she summoned something terrifying that destroyed a lot of things, which brought about the two meeting before ultimately escaping.

So, after that long-winded backstory that was already known, Kathlina and Gran both argue on whose fault it is that Lyria is in her current state.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 10

Ultimately, they decide to go wherever Rosetta-sama knows of for the place to cure Lyria.

granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 11granblue fantasy ep 10 pic 12

Overall Thoughts:

So, back to what I was first talking about with this episode. I mean, the cliffhanger both worked and did not. For once it gave a means of a probably that not only lasted the episode, but is leading into another. This is the first one like that. I mean, sure the execution did not go as planned. The second half of the episode was pretty much retelling a lot of what we already knew and seem more like filler for what will probably turn into an easy solution in the next episode, but why complain about the next episode now?

Most of my complaints tend to come up with the second half. The first half, although surprisingly good, when looking back on it, really felt like a good continuation for once from the previous episode. Sure, I do wish there was more that happened, instead of Gran pretty much finding Lyria after one scene, but the effect on Lyria was certainly a good choice. She may have been reunited with Gran, but she is still separated as long as she is still asleep.

There was also the fact that they sort of said “We are leaving, but hey, we will come back to fix your problem.” At the end of the episode. So, I mean this is not the end of their time on this island, which in all honesty it feels like they are just going to come back to put a stop to the primal beast in a few seconds and continue with their journey.

This episode was still fairly good, it is just, there has been a lot better. For once the cliffhanger paid off, but everything else in the episode seemed bland by comparison. Clearly we can never have everything we want.

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

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Either way, what where your thoughts on the series? If you play the game, what are your thoughts on that in general?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe