There is one thing about this episode that honestly was both really cool to see, but also was really annoying. For the “Final Episode,” I wish it took a different approach. On one hand, it worked out, on the other, well, more on this later. Time to get started.

I would like to note, there is an episode 13, but since that has no story, I will talk a little bit about that at the end.

The Plot:

We get a brief flash of the past with Eugen at the beach making sure his daughter is safe. We find out it is his daughter later on, still, important to note twice. Then the opening happens, and it shows the crew on their way back to the town. Well, fish are attacking like crazy.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 1

Leviathan is a little upset, also super weakened. Fighting off the pollution, which there was still nothing being done about after this episode nor mentioning again, as well as summoning all these fish, were its attempt to gain energy by feeding off life.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 2

Then que like seven or eight minutes of random new characters (that are obviously from the game) appearing while Gran pretty much does nothing to get closer to Leviathan.

Then, right after Lyria says she does not want Gran to use Bahamut to take away screen time of all those other characters, Gran uses Bahamut to save the day. Of course him getting hurt was also reflected in Lyria getting hurt in those same areas.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 7

Thus, everyone was saved.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 8

But, after not appearing for several episodes, the Dark Knight shows up, and the girl steals some of the power from Leviathan Lyria obtained.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 9

It also turns out the Dark Knight is Eugen’s daughter.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 10

So, then the huge party happens. Eugen asks to join the crew, and does not reveal he just wants to see his daughter again. But also, Lyria wants to see the girl the Dark Knight was with to hopefully learn more about herself.

Thus, the crew set off their next adventure wherever that may be.

granblue fantasy ep 12 pic 13

Overall Thoughts:

The final episode, was really, action packed. Going back to what I started to talk about, I both did like and did not like the fact literally a bunch of random characters showed up to help out. Kancolle did it, and I did not really like that. This episode was certainly more for the people who played the games, at least when it came to those characters.

Although it was interesting to see all of them appear, it took way too much time away from the main stars of the show. I honestly thought that it was just going to be just random civilians show up to help, not actual characters. It was interesting to see and all, but I think they got too much screen time and really took the attention away from everyone else. This is a real shame, since this is the final episode.

I am glad the Black Knight showed up again, even more so to see someone having a connection to her. Seeing that it is Eugen’s daughter, it is a real shame that we cannot see growth (without playing the game) on what happens.

This show had countless cliffhangers. The ending, was that of like all mobile game based anime, an ending that is not an ending and only really serves more to get people to play it. At least with manga and light novels there is a chance they won’t end on cliffhangers. This one, sadly felt like there is a need for a lot more and did not have a lot happen.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

Episode 13 Thoughts:

This was an “Extra Episode” so I honestly wish they had Djeeta as the lead, well, her plus her Yuri Harem. This episode was really fun, and it was certainly interesting to see the female possible lead of the game take the spot light.

The series felt totally different with her around compared to Gran. It is interesting to think how different the show could have been. It may have been a beach episode, but it was certainly fan service in the sense of being fun and having a lot of characters who did not get time to shine, a little more time to shine.

Still, very fun way to end it.

granblue fantasy ep 13 pic 1

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Granblue Fantasy is streamed by both Crunchyroll and Daisuki for free in North America.

Either way, what where your thoughts on the series? If you play the game, what are your thoughts on that in general?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe