New season, same way to start this post. Last season, I did watch and enjoy a lot of shows I did not think I would. Sure, Fallout 4 and Skyrim took up 90 percent of my time preventing me from watching these shows and I am still working on finishing them. It also is the main source of my not writing as much which is annoying. But enough about that, time to get on with what I will be watching this summer. There is not much, so, here goes.

What I will be Reviewing:

Sakura Quest:

Since it is two cour, I am not picking up another show on Anime Corps for review, so expect those to continue there at the slow pace I been going. I probably will continue the reviews as two episodes providing it holds that format.

The Reflection:

Stan Lee was involved with the concept and original creator. Ever since this anime was announced over a year ago I been looking forward to it. Now Stan Lee, is pretty much the creator of 90 percent of the Marvel Universe for those who do not know. So, with how much I look up to him, of course I will be reviewing this show. I think it might be only 10 episodes since it does start rather late in the season. It is also has the subtitle of Wave One, so maybe there is more planned, I do not know. Either way I am glad it was announced for streaming rights months ago.

Crunchyroll has it. Normally, I don’t post trailers, for this I made an exception.

What Else I will Check out:

Due to the plague that is Amazon’s double paywall Anime Strike, some shows were already taken, luckily, none I wanted to check out.


Netflix has it, but after reading an article, it really sounds like it is going to actually air as it comes out. I do hope I did not read it wrong, otherwise, I will have to wait. They just got out the first 13 episodes of Little Witch Acadamia, so, it is going to be awhile if it is not weekly. Either way, I get the feeling I will have to wait until winter to see it sadly.

oh no
I just want to see Artoria’s son (Mordred aka Saber of Red) kick butt.

Touken Ranbu

Ufotable is behind it, and as much as I wanted to check out the other series of this back in January, this one will be much more action oriented in comparison. This was also the version I was looking forward to back when it was announced. Ufotable does a good job on art and action, so hopefully the do good here. Mobile Game anime I tend to have problems with, much like last season’s Granblue Fantasy. But with this studio behind it, at least I know it will be more action packed.

New Game!!

Season 2 hype. I really liked the show last summer, so I am glad season two is happening so soon. While other shows unfortunately never get a second season, it is nice to see this show getting one. I am pretty surprised too, since I thought it would not happen, but it is a good surprise, so no complaints here.


Netsouzou TRap

Yuri anime with the fact these two girls try to practice asking the boys they like out with one another. As much as I think this would be a comedy, I get the feeling it will be more drama. Either way, I been wanting to check it out since OG-Man has been telling me about it. It is also only 10 minutes long.

Symphogear Season 4

Season one was a bit boring (at least looking back at it in comparison), but as each season goes on this show only gets crazier and crazier. It is nice to see an original series last this long, plus season 5 was already announced along with season 4, so, that is certainly interesting. Either way, this is probably my most look forward to sequel this season.

oh dear

Classroom of the Elite

Saw Crunchyroll had it and it sounds like Baka and Test clone, either way, I hope it is a good comedy, but I don’t even know if it is or not. It sounds like it, so, here is hoping it is without it being a Baka and Test Clone.


Okay, so this is not an anime, sort of, but it sort of is. American show inspired and drawn like anime, then again there has been Chinese anime these past few seasons, so why not American. Either way, I been wanting to check it out since Netflix announced the show back in January. It is all out at once, so, here is hoping I see it all.


That is about it, I think, I might be missing a show or two, but I will have more once the season actually starts. I am sure other shows will pop up, but for now, those are the only ones I have my eyes out for. I guess I will wait until most things air to post an actual first impressions post as per usual, aside from the Reflection since that is so late in the season.

So, like always, feel free to say what you are thinking of watching this season and what you are looking forward to the most.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe