I will start, by talking about my other blog idea, I have both been bringing up here and saying that I will stop bringing it up here. It does feel appropriate to at least mention it here, since I have not started it, and it is easier not to get any information about it lost in a tweet feed.

Before I get into anything here, I kind of need to talk about that other planned site. Right now, since my focus has been on publishing, job hunting, and still playing way too many video games where I only just barely do the other two things, I do not think I can get the new site out next month. I am changing my goal to start it in September or October. I want several short stories written for it, so I can get a post out once and awhile.

Of course, back to the whole video game thing. Well, it was certainly worse in June than May. I blame Fallout and the nearly 200 hours I got on it in like 3 weeks, no game has done that for me before. So, that is why last month there was literally five posts.

I did however get a Twin Star Exorcists Series review done, I just need to post it. That I will have coming out this month, more than likely after the new season is underway. Probably the final week.

twin star exorcists ep 50 pic 25
After 50 episodes, I don’t care if this pic is considered a spoiler.

This month I do expect it to be a little quiet. The show I am reviewing does not start until the 22nd I believe. So, I want to have one post a week. The first week will probably be final impressions of last season, then the following will be first impressions of the new season.

Next month however I am going to Boston Comic Con, and not only that, but am meeting Stan Lee. I know it is not manga or anime related, but considering I look up to him, I am just super excited. Plus the anime I will be reviewing he is the Original Creator for, so there is as that, this is the second anime he played some role in. But I probably will do a post on that next month.

Alight, so, I did say last month I want to aim to get a review out bi-weekly, for a series review. Now that I do have some time, and have been better at managing my time. I should be able to get a backlog going, and start doing it. If I do, expect either the next week or following to have a series review out, if not, ignore this and pay attention to what I said a few paragraphs back. For the first several it will all be series I covered weekly. Then I can do manga and other show reviews.

Of course most shows I review will be from Summer 2016 to Now.


Now, I do not know if my blogging or what has affected my need to watch anime or vise versa, but I have been watching less, and not having the urge to watch as much compared to even last year. I do think that is fine. But, with how much I been playing games, I think that might also be a cause. Right now, I want to keep the blog going and I am starting to see a shift because of this on where it could go.

The idea bothered me that I would only do a post a week or something along those lines. Thus, I blame myself for how the last month went, it is not something I am used to and I am honestly changing a lot faster than I want. I think this blog would work continuing with just a series review bi-weekly and a weekly review. I do wish to try to do Top Fives again, but I think I will aim for that to be once a month, or whenever I get a significant idea for one.

Either way, I think this is a turning point, and I hope this is for the better so I may keep doing this for as long as I want to.

I think that covers just about everything, but still feel free to give suggestions on what I could do here.

– Joe