So, some shows I did not complete, some I probably won’t continue despite being so close, and others I considered finished despite not finishing them. It is sort of rapid-fire round, sort of, mostly since there are not a lot compared to what there used to be. So, let’s get started.

Sakura Quest:

Still reviewing it over at Anime Corps, sure I am an episode or three behind. But I been making it work with double episode reviews. Still, the show was and still is rather fun. I am glad it is two cour, and well, certainly I am enjoying it a lot more now than when it started, and I enjoyed it a lot at the start. It is certainly worth checking out.

Sakura Quest pic thing

Attack on Titan S2:

I am glad season 3 was announced at the end. This season felt short and not a lot happened. At the same time while a lot of answers were given, a lot more questions appeared. It certainly was interesting, but I guess I did not like the show as much as I used to. I guess this is because of the several year gap between the two seasons.

Looking back at the first season, half the show only took place in just a few hours. So, maybe not getting a 25 episode season made it feel short. But I doubt season 3 will have 25 episodes. My guess is they will keep it at 12, that way they don’t have to wait years for content, since this show was still popular.

attack on potato

My Hero Academia S2:

I am pretty far behind. I will probably just marathon it at the end. I did like doing that at the end of S1, although hopefully this time I actually watch it when it ends. The few episodes I did watch were pretty fun. I do like what they are doing, although in the grand scheme of things there are minor issues with the plot of the show. But I guess even those issues I see are unique to the show and are sort of needed. I am mostly reffering to villains and really people without powers. Either way, I am intrested to continue it.


Hinako Note:

I have like 2 episodes left. But I considered this show done. The last episode is a Christmas episode, so, unless it had a lot of plot to it, I probably won’t watch it. I still really liked the show and it was enjoyable. But, I consider it being over. Nothing was too great for it, since it was mostly just a cute relaxing show.

hinata note

Seven Mortal Sins:

This still has one more episode to air, which is not until after this post comes out. There were a lot of production issues, then again the studio is closing down. Also, I am only half way through the show, but I do plan on actually finishing this series. It is honestly so dumb and I have no idea why I watch it now that I think about it. Still it may be dumb, but there is some enjoyment to it.


Alice and Zoroku

Easily my favorite of the season.  It had a strange balance to it, which honestly made it a bit enjoyable. Some episodes were sort of slice-of-life while others were more action oriented. It certainly made each episode different and uncertain what to expect. I do wish the first arc was longer or at least had more of an impact. It sort of started by setting them up as the main villains, only to not have them appear again. At the same time, it kept the series focused on the main characters and them trying to find where they belong. I do like the ending, however, it honestly made it feel like they’re needed to be more, it was just not as satisfying as I hopped it would be. Everything else I would say makes up for it, but although it was enjoyable this show is sort of just average.

super pout

Granblue Fantasy:

The last show I watched, most shows although I did like them somewhat, I dropped and don’t plan to go on. Granblue Fantasy I did review here after dropping Love Tyrant after just one episode. Granblue Fantasy, honestly is probably the least satisfied I have been with weekly reviews. It felt like this show had a lot of potential, but in the end felt like it did not go anywhere. I would say “Oh, well that is just a mobile game adaptation for you.” Except with the Fate/Go hour-long special being really good and following the game or even the summer season’s Touken Ranbou being really good, I don’t think that can be an excuse. If anything, mobile game adaptations are fifty-fifty. Some like the two I mentioned I assume take more liberty and both follow the game and do its own thing, while Granblue Fantasy felt like just an adaptation and did not try to do its own thing while following the story. Thus this show was average, although sort of enjoyable, there were too many issues with it that made it somewhat forgettable. Maybe if it was two cour something more could happen, but I doubt it.

granblue fantasy ep 13 pic 1
Also the show would have been better with the female option of the protag, she was more fun.

Anyway, that is all I saw throughout the Spring season. I still plan on doing a “Bests of” for this season, although like this post, it will probably be a lot shorter compared to other posts of that nature.

Either way, feel free to comment what you watched and enjoyed this spring season.

I love how I did not complete the show for the feature image, I just really like that image.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe