I honestly have enough planned where I won’t feel overloaded for this month. So, that is a good thing. I do have a bit of a ramble to go on, but I will save that for last. Anyway, time to talk about what is coming out this month.

What to Expect this month:

I would like to get 2 series reviews out. One during the second week of the month and one in the last two weeks or so. As to what series, I honestly do not know. Next month I want to get Love Live Sunshine out. So, this month, one will probably be a show I reviewed weekly and just some other one. I think I will go with Keijo and Amanchu or Aria. Since those three feel summer like, Amanchu more than Aria. So, Keijo will be for certain.

What else, The Reflection, those weekly reviews will continue. I do like the first two episodes, so that should continue. I am debating if I should do a second series, maybe once every few episodes or something, I probably won’t.

Lastly the only other thing I have planned is doing something Boston Comic Con related. I went last year and did a post. That was my first con. This year may be my second time going, but I am meeting Stan Lee, someone I have been looking up to for over a decade. So, this Con is pretty important to me.

little witch acadamia

That is about it. I mean I want to start a backlog of series reviews. I did start one story for my new blog idea. I am running into two issues with that blog idea. This mostly comes to the length of stories, and stuff like that. But, if all goes well, October is looking good.

Onto life rambling stuff:

So, I need to find a job still. I think I beaten that old horse a few times too many for update posts. But, things are looking better, I am finding a few that seem like a perfect fit, I just need to pray for interviews.

Kind of need to look more into graduate school. I would like to go, but, even if I cannot in 2018, I do not mind waiting in order to build my career up. I want to go in order to further my career and expand my skills. Plus, teaching is an option at a college level. If I don’t, well, as long as I have a job in my field I can be happy with, that is fine.  I still will try, it is not a high priority like last year.

Novel writing, so, I did apply to two agents last month, kind of got a rejection letter the day after sending it in. But, I need to continue. I want to aim to get at least two out each month.

Unfortunately, I am buckling down on novel-writing. I mean I am writing blog posts, so I am writing, and more than anything I want to be able to write. I need to find a job and slow down a bit. I work on drafts for later books. I need to work more on editing the one I want to publish. I cannot seem to see myself as wasting time not writing when I see I have not worked on a draft in a week or two. When in those two weeks I wrote several blog posts, job applications, and more. I keep seeing that writing as something different, and well, I need to stop.

I do aim to work a little bit each week, however I want to hold editing my work a higher priority. This is mostly so it is not wasted time. The novel process is long, so, I been rushing too far ahead for so long. I need to get one out before I can turn my focus back on it.

A part of me feels like I am losing my love for it. But taking a break, editing, and even working on a short for my new blog feels right. I enjoy it. I do love and enjoy the characters of my other stories. The one I want to publish I want to continue the later adventures. The only way to do that is to make sure people can enjoy the first adventure first, before I put too much focus on the forth like I have been in recent months. If I can work on that one at least once a week, I think I can be content, since I am constantly working on something else for publication. I just need to come to terms with that.


Also video games that been taking up way too much time are slowly coming to an end. After playing Fallout 4, Skyrim, and some of Fallout New Vegas, my open world nearly 350 hours of gameplay total, is slowly coming to an end. This is mostly since New Vegas was crashing a lot. So, at least that is good, sort of. So, at least I have more time to actually write stuff, even if the time I was playing games is now spent job hunting.377160_20170613224406_1

That is about it, so, yeah.

– Joe