This show is honestly getting better and better. Episode One really was not satisfying in comparison to the later episodes, it had a lot of issues. This show has yet to make the same mistakes and honestly keeps improving on itself.

Long story short, go watch it if you dropped it because of episode one.

So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Anyway, Eleanor talks to X-on. She noticed a few things, people being taken. There was a loose connection from someone who went missing on the day of the New York attack. That connection being their cousin two days prior in Daytona. Still, Eleanor feels found nothing.

the reflection ep 3 1

But, then her house catches on fire, she leaves. Ultimately, X-on wanting her to drive him to Daytona since she has a car and she wants to go with him.

the reflection ep 3 2the reflection ep 3 3

Meanwhile the girls in Japan are being questioned, clearly, they were survivors of what happened three years ago, and are still going through counseling.

the reflection ep 3 4

Back to Eleanor, the two continue their drive. X-on mentions how there are two types of Reflected, ones hit by smoke, and ones hit by the light. Those hit by both died. But not everyone was hit by one or the other. It seems most that survived were also corrupted by the smoke.

the reflection ep 3 5

Anyway, the find out no information in Daytona, only to have Eleanor nearly hit a handicap girl. They become friends though.

the reflection ep 3 6

But X-on leaves and well meets the metal bender in a junk yard. Yeah, that was not a smart idea. The fight ensues but ultimately with the metal bender fleeing.

the reflection ep 3 7

Meanwhile, Eleanor and Lisa are getting along rather well. They talk and what not. Eleanor even talks about pushing on towards the future. I get the feeling maybe her powers are not teleportation, but time travel. She can only go so far into the future, but, there is not much proof of this, but possible foreshadowing.

the reflection ep 3 8

Then after leaving Eleanor quickly turns around, and well, Lisa and her dad were taken.

the reflection ep 3 9

They find them, and a fight ensues once more. It also turns out Eleanor is a Reflected. She turned her wheelchair into a robot.

They win and Lisa decides to join Eleanor in order to protect her dad so no one will come after her. The metal bender simply notes that there has been some progress made for her master’s goal.

the reflection ep 3 13

Overall Thoughts:

A lot happened this episode. Episode 2 was mostly just a better recap of episode one for the most part. This episode it was nothing but new stuff. Although the villain’s plan is going into motion, not all of the heroes that are seen in the promotional art have appeared. It is rather slow and being three episodes in, it only makes me think more and more this show could be two cour or split. But nothing has been mentioned, so everything is up to speculation.

The whole reflection event, it is nice to see a bit more clarity to it. It could be assumed those hit by the smoke turn evil. Nothing was mentioned about the light, but if the premise of the show is that there are a lot of villains that outnumber the heroes, it could be assumed not a lot of people were hit by the light.

This episode also brought up something rather important. A plot hole easily could have been that if people got powers from an event 3 years ago, why are they only appearing now. Lisa had powers but did not know of them until literally this episode. Most people out there probably do not know they have powers, if they do. So, the clarity of this episode, really covered that up.

X-on, or Exon depending because there are a lot of versions of his spelling, his powers are not fully clear yet. I was thinking that maybe he is limited to using one at a time, but he used two different ones this episode. Right now, it looks like he gains the powers forever after touching someone. If so, then I assume he would have other powers than the ones we seen him obtain in episode 1. But if not, maybe he can only control so many at a time.

The issues that plagued episode one are nothing more than a distant memory. Episode 2 took it back and honestly this show continues an upward spiral into being something good.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe