Alright, episode 4 finally gives some time for I-Guy, who I am pretty much seeing as a more narcissistic Tony Stark and Black Bolt fusion. For those that do not know who they are, I will explain more later. Either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

So, last time with X-On (or however the name is spelled since so many places do it different) and company apparently crash landed after Lisa flew last episode. Anyway, Eleanor has been doing some research. It turns out a lot of people with the last name Allen have been taken. Well, in some cases they are cousins and women, so it is to assumed they are also reflected given recent events. So, it is off to New Orleans with the next possible target.

Onto Ian as I-Guy. Well, surprisingly and not so surprisingly he has become a deterrent to anyone that wants to cause crimes, thus crime has dropped ignorantly in LA. Quiet literally a miracle. But he feels somewhat board, even after stopping a group of gang members.

Also, it turns out that the Reflected he puts in jail break out in a few hours. There was also the newspaper with the four girl superhero group. I wonder who they could be. Anyway, so Ian is now pretty much feeling like I-Guy aka himself is taking the spotlight away from himself. It was to the point where he wanted to create a new song that would make him more popular.

It turns out when he goes to try to sing again, he can’t. He sends out sonic waves.

the reflection ep 4 12

Back to Eleanor and company, now in New Orleans. Well, the person went missing. They were taken by a person that apparently sells Reflected. Also, everyone hates reflected in the area, no matter what, and this includes Eleanor. Even the cops were about the shoot her. So she also gets taken by this Merchant and Trader guy. She later wakes up in a house with a bunch of other people to end of the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

Can I start by again by saying I-Guy/Ian’s half of the episode was just amazing. I mean it pretty much can be summed up with this picture:

yeah that'll teach me

Anyway, I did love the fact it became a battle of his two identities. The fact he did not realize he was jealous of himself made it that much better. I was thinking he would reveal his identity, but I guess not.

As for that Tony Stark and Black Bolt thing I mentioned. Well, Tony Stark is probably known as Iron Man and is easily recognizable in films. Iron suit is similar to I-Guy and also sharing the fact both are wealthy. Black Bolt similarity is in the power, which was revealed this episode. Black Bolt cannot speak since he releases a sonic blast. In Ian’s case, it is when he sings. I do like the fact it was tied to him singing since it added more to the character and the impact on him as a whole. He does want to sing again, and I doubt it was just I-Guy taking his limelight. So, hopefully a bit more on this later.

It was nice to see some progression with the other girls. They had these short little scenes each episode. I am glad they did not get screen time, but instead had the newspaper article appear and even on the TV. It was a nice way to show what exactly is happening with them, so hopefully they will have a larger role in episodes to come.

The latter half of the episode with Eleanor honestly felt the most lackluster. Sure, I am glad it did not rush anything and ended on a cliffhanger somewhat. But it really did not give much sense of what is going on. Sure, if gave an idea on who they are looking for and trying to connect all the pieces. Plus, I think there was a reference to X-On’s real identity this episode. I only think this half of the episode felt lacking due to I-Guy pretty much stealing the show. But not much happened, so that is the other thing. It will be interesting for what happens next, since clearly Merchant and Trader is not who he is meant to be.

Overall good episode. Could have been better. But certainly, this show is getting the hang of things.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

Next week I hope to cover the dub of episode 1.

The series is streamed on Crunchyroll and Funimation for the dub.

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe