Another episode, and well, certainly it gives a bit of answers to what happened at the end of last weeks. I have a lot of references and even a little theory of mine to mention later. So, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Well, Eleanor being captured, well, it turns out all the people there were Reflected. They are also there for their own protection due to the massive amount of hate, fear, and racism towards anyone who is a Reflected in the area. Merchant and Trader, of Michael, he has the power to see Reflected.

the reflection ep 5 1

Also, the cop is helping the bad guys.

the reflection ep 5 2

Anyway, Lisa goes out searching, well, more for Jazz than Eleanor. But she finds Jazz at least. A bar fight ensues and well the boy Eleanor saved in the previous episode saved Lisa. The two later get kidnapped and the boy reveals Michael’s location. Of course the person kidnapping them worked for that cop.

Back to Michael, who goes over his back story. He was a gambler, his girlfriend or wife Vy, well she did not like it. When the Reflection happened, Vy was hit by the smoke, and Michael was hit by the light. Both seemingly are locked in their own body’s. Michael is blind but can only see reflected, while Vy has armor.

Also, it turns out everyone there were hit by the light. Anyone who was hit by the smoke, besides Vy, wanted no part of that place.

the reflection ep 5 7


So, the cops finally show up, and a somewhat fight ensues. Mostly Eleanor teleporting and beating up everyone. Vy’s armor collapses and well she is naked, before her armor reappears. Michael and Vy got a quick face to face reunion.

the reflection ep 5 9

Anyway, Steel Ruler shows up with an electric guy, a fight ensues, with the heroes the victors. Eleanor goes back to the mansion only to find that everyone there, is gone.

Overall Thoughts:

I am glad that this episode only focused on Eleanor and her crew. Sure I wish more happened, since honestly there was a lot of back story and more philosophy, which is not all bad. Clearly Vy and Michael are going to be part of the team.

On the other note, how the whole philosophy thing. Really there is a lot that remind me of the X-Men. In that universe people who are born with the powers are looked down upon and feared, despite being gaining powers through other means. For the Reflection, well it is somewhat interesting to see how people straight up do not like them. But fear can easily turn into hate. Which is why the surrounding towns being like that. They fear what they do not understand.  This notion feels too important to be for just the last two episodes. It might not be as relevant, but it will probably appear again.

I do like the question of the ending of what happened to everyone. Steal Ruler probably could not get everyone in that building out of there in just a few minutes. Someone else had to take part. That is, if it was the bad guys. There were a lot of people there and they all just went poof in an instant.

Still it was a solid episode, and although it is unknown how many episodes this show is going to have, clearly, there is no real sign of slowing down in sight, just more starting up.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100


So, this theory has no real backing just yet. It will take time. But so far, Vy, Micheal, and Lisa all fit this theory. It is not limited, just yet, to those who were hit by the light or smoke. It sort of is like it for Ian too, which is where it gets iffy.

Anyway, so the people’s powers are a Reflection of who they are, and who they want to be. Lisa wanted to fly, and she had emotional attachment to that robot. Thus, her powers allow her to fly and take shape in her ideal form of a hero. Vy and Michael locked themselves away, both from each other and others. Vy in her armor and Michael with his sight. Ian wants to sing, but feels like he cannot beat himself, thus his powers make him unable to sing.

I only say this is a theory, because it may prove to be who exactly X-On is like. His powers copy others. Thus, he wants to be someone else. Eleanor teleports, although I am thinking time travel might be her real power, because she always wants to move forward to the future.

I only say this is a theory since it may prove more on who the characters are and what their powers really are.

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

I hope to cover my thoughts on the dub in the next few reviews. So, heads up.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe