This episode was a little all over the place. But that did not stop some important things from happening. Next time, however, certainly looks like a huge team up might happen. But until then, let’s get back to focusing on the task at hand.

The Plot:

Well, Vy, Michael, and Eleanor are feeling a bit guilty after last episode. Michael honestly starting to realize having all those people gathered in one area might not have been the smartest idea. It also turns out not a lot of people with the last name Allen that fit the criteria are left. But there is a huge gathering of them in one area, again kind of starting to seem unlucky for them.

the reflection ep 6 1

It also turns out when the group gets there, well, all of the Allens are taken at once. It also makes it seem like Eleanor and company aren’t the good guys to say the least.

Also in Japan, the group of girls are about to go on a field trip out of the country. My guess is LA, given the ending of this episode. But all we get out of them this episode is they are going on a fieldtrip and nothing more.

Anyway, X-On calls a buddy named Jim, he helps them find someone who meets the criteria. She does not have the last name Allen, but that was due to changing it when she married. So, the company go there only to meet the woman’s mom and not who they are looking for. So, it is off to LA, where the next person lives.

the reflection ep 6 5

While on their way, they get attacked. Luckily the company foresaw this, and Vy, Michael, and Jim served as a distraction.


the reflection ep 6 6the reflection ep 6 7

The other group, consisting Eleanor and everyone else, well, they talk for a bit. Eleanor spaces out, or is cut off from everyone as Wraith appears. Yeah, after going a few episodes of not mentioning them, and now finally meeting them, needless to say a lot of attention is brought to Eleanor. I mean Wraith appeared to try to recruit Eleanor, saying they needed her power. My theory about her powers being time travel, does not sound farfetched. It also seems they know more about Eleanor’s powers then she does, why else would they need someone who could teleport five to ten feet?

Family reunion happens when they make it to LA.

the reflection ep 6 10

Then the Steal Bender lady, she appears, again makes a deal with Eleanor, although more for her life than to join Wraith. The Daughter pulls out a shotgun, honestly giving a surprising and well-timed one-liner. But guns obviously don’t work on someone who controls metal.

the reflection ep 6 11

Cue I-Guy appearing to end the episode.

the reflection ep 6 12

Overall Thoughts:

Again, that ending makes it seem like a pretty big fight will happen in episode 7, so, hopefully this was not built up for anything. Again, I think maybe the girls from Japan might team up with them too. They said they were traveling, and well, it would be weird if they did not show up in LA or wherever everyone will be. But I get the feeling that will be at the very least episode 8 for that meet up.

Still, a lot happened this episode. The first half, felt right, where they cut to each person pretty much losing. It would not have been the greatest move to have an episode dedicated to them losing track of everyone.

But, the second half, really the whole scene with Wraith, not only was something that clearly was important, but felt like it did not get as much attention as it should have. I think if they shortened the barbershop scene, then maybe they would have played out better. The scene not only gave a face to the name, but gave just enough of an idea on what is going on, and clearly there is more to Eleanor that even she does not know.

The whole Mother Daughter reunion part, certainly gave closure to a story the only started half way though the episode. But there is meaning to it. I think this may have more to do with either X-On and his mysterious past or even Eleanor and her family. I get the odd feeling X-On is connected to the Allen and Eleanor is connected to Wraith. More proof for the former than the latter on that note.

Overall this episode was alright. Clearly, they want to reach somewhere for next episode, and certainly dragging the characters around the country is not doing so great. So, a change of pace is certainly soon, hopefully this episode does not feel like just a transition, but rather have the core details that will play a role later.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

I hope to cover my thoughts on the dub in the next few reviews. So, heads up.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe