So, I do have a few things to talk about today for the Monthly update. So, instead of literally writing whatever and having a vague idea of what I would like to do for the month, well, I have a better idea of what I would like to do. I do have a bit of life stuff to get off my chest, because it has affected some content I would like to have posted last month.

Feel free to skip this Life mumbo jumbo, since it is a bit of a rant to explain.

Well, I would have liked to of gotten a review out last month. But, there were complications. I did write an Amanchu review, although I did not do the Keijo one, I did have an issue with the Amanchu. This primarily feeling that it was too short. Normally I would not care, as some posts I do can be long or super short. Overall it felt like it was the quality. I was trying to write a review for a show I saw over a year ago. Although I had all my ideas, well, I want to go back and look it over before actually posting it. Quality is something that is important to me here, and this is one of the few times after writing something I do not feel it fits my standards.


Another problem I had, which has affected both wanting to write more review posts and just write in general is stress. Trying to find work has been my top priority, and well, never getting a call for an interview or even if they are looking at my resume for well over a year now for every place I have applied to seemingly, well, it throws me off for a day or two into a stressed and depressed mood. I really don’t feel like going into any more details, it is just this has been the primary issue that has been bothering me lately and preventing me from doing what I would like to.

End of Life Rant Mumbo Jumbo thing.

Stuff for this Month

Ok, onto the big thing I want to do this month. Ancient Magus’ Bride OVA reviews. I have not full decided if I will do it in one shot, covering all 3 OVAs in a single post (I probably will do it due to how the OVAs are) or do it as episode reviews each Sunday until the anime airs next month. This is the big to do this month. I probably will do it in a single post closer to October since plot wise it is a single story for all 3 episodes and talking about them individually will get repetitive. Regardless of my choice, it will be treated like a weekly review instead of a series review.

Other than that, I do want to get a few reviews out. I want to try to redo that Amanchu one, I certainly want to get the Aria one out now that the kickstarter covers all the series for a dub, and Keijo. Love Live Sunshine S1 will probably be next month since S2 comes out then.


I think I am not going to do a Best of the Season for the Spring Season, since now it has been so long. I will try doing one for the summer next month. Regardless, the 12 Days of Anime will be like last year and be a Best Of.

Of course, expect also Pre-season and Final Impressions of the season to be out later this month.

On a somewhat final note, I have mentioned before I am a substitute teacher, so, now that school is starting up again, I will have work at random. So, heads up on posts due to the fact some may be pushed back a bit or may be delayed. This all depends on what I can do in my spare time, this is more for series reviews than episode reviews.

The Other Blog Idea:

Every time I do an update post I say I am not going to bring up the new blog idea, but I always do anyway.

Due to that little life rant thing in the second paragraph, well, I have not written much for the new blog. My original hope was to start it September or October. Well, now the idea is put on hold for a bit.

Unlike this blog where I just threw myself to the wind to do it. This one I want to make sure content is coming out regularly, once, maybe twice a week. This also means I want to make sure I have a backlog of stories and other content, which I do not have.

The new blog is certainly something I would want to make an earning from. As much as I do not want to, well, I need to. Money makes the world go round, and it is something I lack. But to do that as well, I need to do some research. I still will keep this site how it is. Maybe for the first month promote it here, and if I ever open a patreon for it, at least mention that here as well. But I want that site to be its own thing.

I know some people are probably curious about it, well, I hope people are. So, I feel like I need to at least give updates here.

As always, feel free to give suggestions on what you would like to see for future posts.

– Joe