Another episode kicks off right where the last one ended, sort of. Still some interesting character development and plenty more questions. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Steel Ruler (Whose name I finally remembered so I don’t have to call her Metal Bender Chick anymore), we get a brief glimpse into her past. Mostly how it looks like her parents died, she was a homeless child, and really was just unlucky.

the reflection ep 8 1

Anyway, after the previous episode ended with Ian losing everyone he cared for well, he has a somewhat darker suit now, and a car to drive around. Honestly, it is pretty cool. On one hand it could be seen as pointless, since he can fly. On the other, driving a fancy car like that in LA, drives a lot less attention then flying. However, Ian seems a bit more of a hitter and not wasting any time to beat down the baddies. Not only is he not playing Sky Show, which was super weird, but it got to the point where X-On somehow appeared and stopped him from nearly maybe killing a guy. I-Guy might not be a full fledge hero by the end of this.

the reflection ep 8 2

Cue fight with Steel Ruler with Eleanor. Although they are mostly talking and Eleanor is teleporting all over the place. Ultimately Steel Ruler cannot kill Eleanor, due to orders. It starting to feel like she is a lot more important and everyone knows more about her then she does.

the reflection ep 8 3

So, as they talk Steel Ruler pretty much said she nearly died the night of The Reflection. Her powers healed her, sort of. The knife stabbed in her body sort of grew around into a metal suit. Still she clings to the darkness, while Eleanor clings onto something as well. She sees herself as somewhat similar to Eleanor.

the reflection ep 8 4

Ultimately, she gives a warning about X-on, offers Eleanor all the Reflected from New Orleans in exchange for joining Wraith, and then leaves.

The woman from episode 1 and 2 appear, she was the government agent. She has apparently been keeping an eye on everyone. She is not only looking more into Wraith’s group but Eleanor’s as well. She also wants Eleanor to join Wraith to know exactly what their plan is.

Eleanor finds out information about X-On’s past, well, she then immediately goes to look for them and has a rather heated conversation.

the reflection ep 8 8

The episode ends with X-On talking with the government lady about what happened, and Eleanor going to meet Steal Ruler again.

Overall Thoughts:

It was nice to see not only back story to Steel Ruler, but also get more clues on who X-On is. Sure we may not have a name for X-On, but he is a little less mysterious. Plus, in Steel Ruler’s case, it gives more to a villain that has appeared frequently.

I did get the odd feeling when Eleanor and Steel Ruler were talking that maybe, depending what happens, Eleanor may convince her to be a good guy. At the same time, their conversation also brings up who is X-On and what is his real motives. He is secretive, so is he really a good guy, or does he have some sort of scheme of his own?

Although this episode really felt like it went nowhere, it still had some value. It was all about a choice, which is why the title is Beef and Fish. The Japanese girls on the plane made me realize this. There are a lot of reasons for Eleanor to go with Steel Ruler, find out who Wraith is for herself, X-On, that Government Agency, and the people they kidnapped, and there are plenty of reasons for her to choose not to go. This episode really emphasized this as well as bring back a few key things.

It is a little hard to believe this episode and the last only took place in a few hours, with the death of I-Guy’s friends, and all the stuff dealing with Steel Ruler.  Regardless, it was still enjoyable, but a little slow at times.

Overall Enjoyment: 75-85/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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