This episode made me realize that there are not a lot of car chases in anime. On the top of my head I think there was one in Cowboy Bebop, and that is all that comes to mind. Still, it was nice to see one and one that had a lot of superpowers playing a role in. Anyway, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

So, Eleanor goes along with Steel Ruler. However, the government lady follows in pursuit. It quickly turns into a car chase.

the reflection ep 9 1

But before that, Lisa talks to X-On on how much Eleanor and X-On means to her. She wants X-On to trust Eleanor and what she is doing.

the reflection ep 9 2

Back to the car chase, Steel Ruler is not giving up. The Fire Lady is with them, and well, easily spots the van tailing them. So, several powers are being used. The first one is an illusion that causes snakes to appear. However, they break through it. The issue is then the ability to go through walls. In the end, it is an electric power flipping the car.

But, before that electric Reflected can attack, Vy appears and saves everyone. Honestly, I really like Vy.

the reflection ep 9 6

But then the rest of the government group show up and not only take Vy, but also go to the motel to take the others as well. Just because they are the good guys, doesn’t mean they are going to be treated like ones.

the reflection ep 9 7

So, once at the government building, it is revealed that they have been playing into Wraith’s hands since the start. Now that they have Eleanor, well, the rules they played by no longer exist. Also, the ones hit by the dark light are Darkness Reflected and the ones hit by the light are Brightstar Reflected. Some of the people there were super jumpy about the X-On and company.

the reflection ep 9 8the reflection ep 9 9

Vy then gets called by something, she does not know what, but it is telling her to leave. Which more than likely is the reflected that took Eleanor. Vy is a Darkness Reflected, so this is more than likely the reason why she is being called.

So, they go chasing after Vy, I-Guy finds out and also follows them. The girls from Japan have landed and see I-Guy’s car, but they don’t do anything. The episode ends with Eleanor about to meet the leader of it all, be it Wraith or someone else.

the reflection ep 9 10

Overall Thoughts:

This was like last week’s episode, a lot of talking. Granted it was not nearly as much with the car chase. However, the drama did kick up a bit in the second half. It was an enjoyable episode.

I do have to say there was a lot of awkward silent moments. No sound or anything for a few seconds. The last time it was like this was episode 1. Granted this was somewhat boring moment, waiting the few seconds for someone to say something, but it did not seem necessary to do.

The drama as I said kicked up in the second half. It really does not feel like we are heading towards the end for the show. It could be possible, but it still feels too soon with some information now appearing and not all the heroes have met yet. It seemed odd how they brought up the information about the two types of Reflected, but that is only if the show ends on episode 11.

Not much to say other than that, I mean really all there was this episode was the car chase and that conversation on the realization of how they fell right into Wraith’s plan this whole time.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe