A lot happened this episode. Now that it has become somewhat clear that this show, as of right now, will have 10 episodes. The ending of this one makes it clear it is gearing towards the finally. I do wish more happened leading up to this point, but there was a lot of information that made some things clear.

Also, my theory on Eleanor having Time Travel powers is probably debunked. Other than that, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Starting off right where the last one ended, Eleanor runs off in the mansion, more than likely to find all the Reflected. Steel Ruler tries to go after her but is stopped.

the reflection ep 10 1

While this is going on, everyone else continues to follow Vy. Well, she quickly also makes it to the mansion and a fight quickly ensues with the electric and fire Reflected. X-On leaves the group to chase after Eleanor.

the reflection ep 10 2

So, cue a short little montage of Eleanor going around the mansion trying to find someone, only to eventually lead to Wraith. Also, X-On trying to follow Eleanor only to lead to him fighting Steel Ruler.

Eleanor starts to talk to Wriath, more on that in a bit. But first I-Guy appears. He of course fights that Bat Guy. It also turns out that bat guy killed all of Ian’s friends. This did not make him happy. In fact, his suit was saying his powers were going out of control. Ultimately Ian ended that fight by shooting a huge blast out of his face. (This went on throughout the episode, but it was little by little)

Eleanor talking to Wraith was a huge chunk of the episode. This turned into a huge mind games of who to believe and what not. Wraith saying how Eleanor chose him, how her parents abandon her, and how X-On abandon her. He even brought up Eleanor’s twin brother Ethan, I honestly thought it would turn out to be X-On, but never mind that. Wraith asks Eleanor to grab his hand.

The episode quickly shifts back to X-On, who made it into the area with Eleanor. Also, Steel Ruler, who said some rather interesting things when fighting X-On stays in pursuit. Kind of feels like she cares for Eleanor.

the reflection ep 10 13

But, when X-On sees Eleanor, he knows it is not her. In fact, the body duplicate says she is dead. Not only that, but he is her twin brother Ethan and Wraith. Thus, the episode ends on that note.

the reflection ep 10 18the reflection ep 10 19

Overall Thoughts:

I really thought X-On was going to be Ethan. But, it does make sense what they are trying to do. Ethan’s powers deal with Darkness, while Eleanor’s powers deal with Light. Both are two different sides, both are twins, and both could easily be seen as needing to be both on the opposite ends of the spectrums.

I do find Wraith odd. I also think how his powers work is he needs to have the person willingly touch him. That is why he was talking to Eleanor for so long trying to get her to grab his hand. I only say that they must willingly touch him is that they then become part of him, which explains the powers that we have seen before being from someone else. This also would explain the meaning behind everyone becoming part of Darkness.

This episode really made it clear how it is gearing for the finally. Like I said earlier I do wish more happened in the show. It felt like to this point they were just going from one place to another. It was still interesting and it certainly feels like there is plenty room for more. But there are only two episodes left, so who knows what could happen.

The episode as a whole was not about the action, but internal conflict. I do like the fact when Eleanor was going around the mansion it was a different color compared to when X-On was. Although Eleanor was more than likely in Wraith’s domain at the time. Still it was nice to see the two opposites, and made it clear of the gap between the two that Wraith was pointing out. With the internal conflict probably somewhat done this episode, physical conflict will probably go full swing.

Also, Eleanor is more than likely not dead, one because she is a main character, and two she was not seen on-screen dying. So, I expect her to be in that dark area with Wraith next episode trying to find some way out of it.

Overall Enjoyment: 80/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe