Alright, I don’t have much to say, mostly since I kind of forgot it is a new month. But let’s get right into what I will be reviewing.

INDEX SEASON 3. I don’t know when it airs, but it was announced the day this post went up, so I do plan to review that when that airs sometime next year.

But in all seriousness Ancient Magus’ Bride I am doing my weekly reviews here for. While over on Anime Corps I will be doing Black Clover.

I only bring up what I am reviewing this season on this update post since I am not doing a pre-season impressions post like I normally do. My reason for that is due to how anime is licensed now, and Anime Strike making it impossible to watch a majority of airing shows, I get hyped only to have that hype taken away. So, I don’t want to continue to make a huge list of shows like I have been the last two seasons only to have little to none of them being watchable.

Most of the shows I watched last season well, they were either two cour or have one more episode left. I seriously only had four or five shows. So, due to waiting for them all to finish, the Final Impressions will be out in the second week of October.

The first week of October I am getting the Prequel Original OVAs for Ancient Magus’ Bride review out. I will get that out before the first episode review. Depending on my mood, well, it will depend what day that is out since the first episode comes out the same day the final episode of Reflection is out. My guess I will watch Ancient Magus’ Bride first since I been counting it down daily on twitter almost.

Other than the start of the season impressions and final impressions of last season, I think it will just be weekly reviews.

I do aim to try to get other types of reviews out. But that depends more on life and personal time that I have to work on it. Hopefully I will, but unlike before I am not making promises.

So, that is it, nothing out of the blue planned for right now, so after all the new shows air I will get a first impressions post out. Depending how much I watch it could be one or two posts.

As always feel free to suggest future content, and I hope you enjoy your month.

– Joe