This episode was good, but with it being the next to last episode it felt lack luster. So, not much to say other than that, so let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

The episode begins with a quick flashback to three years ago. It turns out Eleanor was hit by both the light and darkness of the reflection. For those that do not remember those hit with both died. So, Eleanor is now an over powered main character.

the reflection ep 11 1

Anyway, X-On and Wraith talk about what happened and how Eleanor willingly needed to go with him in order for it to work. Ultimately everyone is teleported somewhere.

the reflection ep 11 2

The Japanese girls are then shown, relaxing in their hotel. But they to are also teleported to White Sands, Mexico.

the reflection ep 11 3

All those people were teleported there by the power of some of the Allen family members. Everyone there, amounts to around 500 people and all, or at least almost all the Reflected in North America are there.

X-On had to stop I-Guy from immediately going on the attack. This is so they can figure out what Wraith’s plan is. X-On also then gets a call about how the US Army is heading their way.

the reflection ep 11 7

Wraith begins to talk and tries to convince the Reflected there to join him. Which a majority don’t want to. After one of his own uses his powers, the army attacks the Reflected. The people attack quickly falling into Wraith’s plan.

the reflection ep 11 10

the reflection ep 11 11

This causes the Reflected to fight back. Well, the Brightstar Reflected slowly turn into the Darkness Reflected. This ultimately was his plan all along.

While X-On’s group goes on the defense. Steel Ruler is a little hesitant to go stop them. The final fights begin as Wraith starts to more than likely absorb the powers of all the Darkness Reflected.

 Overall Thoughts:

This episode felt a little lack luster. It felt like there would have been more of a conflict, with Wraith. However, his plans did not fully appear until the end, that build up was necessary. His plans also make a lot more sense in the long run. First, he needed to find members of the Allen Family, which had a higher rate of teleportation powers. So, safe to assume families are likely to have the same powers. Second, the only person who could stop him is Eleanor. Finally, he then needed as many Reflected in one area. Clearly Reflected can turn into either a Brightstar or Darkness, so, it was just a matter of converting them to Darkness so he may use his powers. Now comes the question if he absorbs their powers or not, which he probably does, or he has some sort of means to control everyone. Either way his plans are in full swing now.

Now, taking away all the buildup for his plan, there is still the fact they could have easily stopped it or sped it up. I-Guy was willingly to go and fight him, but X-On didn’t want to so he could learn more. It felt like this was just a means to drag the episode on a little more.

I do like the fact Steel Ruler was a little hesitant at the end of the episode. Perhaps what Eleanor said was getting to her. But I guess we won’t find out until the next episode.

This episode overall was rocky, but it still gave answers to most of the questions and decent set up for the final. However, I still feel like this show is nothing more than average. It certainly had potential, but, time and time again I seemed to have been proven wrong. For everything it does right it does something wrong (sometimes). Hopefully it will stick the landing.

Overall Enjoyment: 75/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe