The Reflection comes to a close. I certainly had a lot of hopes for this show, but personally it feels like there should have been more. Perhaps another sub plot, or going more in-depth with the plot, or even a few more fights. There are plenty of different ways that they could have improved, but for now, it is what it is. So, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Kicking right off from the previous episode, X-On is a little outnumbered with the fire chick and Steel Ruler. But it quickly turns into his favor. No, it is not Steel Ruler switching sides, it is just X-On using one of the many powers he copied.

the reflection ep 12 1

Michael, well, he starts to notice with his powers that all the Reflected there (outside a handful) are being controlled by Wraith.

the reflection ep 12 2

As for I-Guy, well, his fight with the bat guy, Dread Wing, at first seems to be in I-Guy’s favor. This is until Dread Wing decides to send a small little robot to amplify his sonic blast. He does note that this was how he killed all of Ian’s friends. With Ian’s suit, well, it is a little uncertain if it will either protect him or cook him alive.

But then finally the magical girls appear. After pretty much alluding to it in one episode, and then never actually showing them use their powers, just casually show them scrapped up. They appear in full uniform to save Ian.

Well, sort of, Ian gets the final hit on Dread Wing pretty much killing him.

the reflection ep 12 7the reflection ep 12 8

X-On goes to attack Wraith. At this point also, everyone starts to lose their powers, a huge pyramid surrounds the area, and Wraith continues to laugh like the villain he is.

the reflection ep 12 9

Also after chanting about Darkness for a good few minutes in the sky some claws start to appear. Turns out Darkness is a huge dragon later on. Still, did not see that happening.

The villain obvious gloats that he has all the power, he beat X-On and Eleanor and whatnot.

the reflection ep 12 14

Then everyone starts to remember the importance of Eleanor to them. What she made them realize. Also, a glimpse into X-On past reveals he was many kids tested on, and barely escaped with his life. He thought he was always alone too.

the reflection ep 12 15

Then Eleanor appears. She gives her speech that they all walked along darkness this whole time, it is what held them back, but not anymore.

X-On gets up, not only revealing he is not a Reflected, but copies Wraith’s powers and putting an end to the dragon of Darkness.

the reflection ep 12 19

Everyone gains their powers back and beats Wraith. Also, finally Steel Ruler helps out to put a stop to Wraith too.

the reflection ep 12 20

While everyone is happy to be back and together again. The baddies are taken away, for the most part as some did escape. Eleanor does slightly blame herself, seeing that she created Wraith. But as X-On consults her, a second reflection happens to end the show.

Overall Thoughts:

This episode brought one of two things. It did give potential to continue, with the fact a second reflection happened and some of the villains escaped. But it took out the main big bad of the show. Now, seeing this anime is technically more American than anything, I am not really surprised. It still worked, it still kept that idea of heroes and villains. More can come, and you cannot always defeat every villain. So, that aspect of the final really worked.

There were some things that I wish went in more detail, namely X-On’s past. Him not being a Reflected, but gaining his powers by some other mean might mean there are others like him out there. I mean sure he escaped, and assumed everyone was dead, but that does not mean that is true. So, that is one possible story to do if there was more.

Anyway, I do want to mention a few things. Before the show came out, the original plot was a small group of heroes taking on a world of villains. There was also the fact the show was called The Reflection: Wave One, meaning they had some idea on how this could continue. Now, it’s not a stretch, but if Wave One was the first Reflection, the Second Wave was the ending of this show, so again, that might have been their original idea.

The episode itself as I said did give some conclusion to some unanswered questions. Thankfully it put an end to Ian’s revenge, I do wish it turned out differently, but either way, it is nice to see Dread Wing be permanently retired.

The whole thing with Eleanor, that is where I get a little iffy on. I mean, she herself created Wraith, unintentionally. So, since she was hit by both the light and darkness, it is safe to assume the light stayed with her and the darkness separated to become its own being. That is probably what she meant by how she created Wraith.

But what was with that Dragon?

Besides that, this series certain had rocky moments. It may often be criticized for the art style. It certainly had good and bad moments. This show is not a masterpiece, but it is certainly not terrible. This episode gave a decent conclusion that fit the show perfectly.

Overall Enjoyment: 85/100

As always, what are your thoughts on this series?

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe