After the OVAs, and how this series has been so far, I really like what they are doing with Chise’s past. It is something that only appears over time in the manga, yet the anime, it feels like it is being brought up at all the right times, while still not giving all the information. This episode also brought up some key things that were not in the manga, that made the situation feel a lot different. But away, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

A woman with long red hair pretty much did not wish to be a mom. Well, if this is not obviously Chise’s mom, well, I honestly don’t know what to say. But while Chise’s brief flashback ends, it goes into a scene shortly before the auction, how Chise never liked getting hurt but she does not care if she lives or dies.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 1

Chise wakes up, and Silky whisks her away downstairs for breakfast. Elias explains that Silky is sort of like the landlord, and she watches over the house, taking care for cooking and cleaning.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 2

Chise is also not fully used to the idea. She only knew Elias for three days, two of which she finds out she was sleeping. I would like to note that the manga never really brought up the fact Chise was bought up after chapter two really. But I mean with the anime the clear sense of disbelief is all over her face.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 3

Anyway, Elias jokingly or not so jokingly says it is time for their honeymoon. They go to London. Elias also uses magic to hide his real face, since it would cause issues otherwise. Magic is clearly not well-known among people.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 4

The shop Elias takes Chise to is run by Angela. She deals with making magical items.

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After kicking Elias out, after finding out he bought Chise, the two women talk. She explains a bit more to Chise on magic. There are two types, sorcerers and mages. Sorcerers use a sort of science to make magic, while mages use fairies to perform sort of miracles.

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Chise being curious if she could use magic, while Angela decides to help, giving Chise a crystal so she may turn it into a flower. Chise remembers a faint memory of a flower field, and well the crystal nearly consumes the room.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 7Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 8

Elias then explains how Chise is a Sleigh Beggy to Angela, obviously at this point Sleigh Beggy is much more important than it is let on. But more on that in a later episode.

After a nice calming transition through the England countryside the two make it home and meet Simon, a priest.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 9

Him and Elias do not get along sort of. But still obviously the church knows about magic since they seemingly always do in anime. So, he tasks Elias with a mission, and requires some medicine. Apparently, Elias’ medicine helps the village.

So, Elias now takes Chise to Iceland, where they are looking into what is wrong with the dragons in the area.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 13

Then Chise gets taken by a mysterious person ridding a dragon for the episode to end. So, yeah.

Ancient Magus bride ep 2 pic 14

Overall Thoughts:

This episode covered two chapters. With this show being 24 episodes long, one of two things might happen, either they go to where the manga is now, or will be in the next few months, or give it an original ending. Seeing that WIT has gone very close to the source, by the chapter that was recently released in Seraph of the Ends’ case, I am a little worried for the ending of this show. However, this is only if they cover two chapters per episode. Last episode they only covered one, and by the preview of the next episode I believe they only cover one again.

Enough about that rambling, although this episode did cover two episodes it blended nicely and did not feel rushed. It set up the next episode at just the right time, and gave some more information. This show revolves around magic, and not much is known to both us and Chise yet. It is a slow start for her to learn magic, and well, knowing the types and various practices of magic will be relevant later.

Earlier I did say they hardly ever bring up the fact Elias bought Chise. It is hardly ever brought up in the manga. There is not much of a love aspect either, although you could see some development in the relationship between the two. But this episode started bringing it up. But it also added more to Chise’s reason behind selling herself, which the manga never covered. This gives more detail to her back story and honestly, I rather enjoy it. Her mother did die, but there is certainly more to deal with her later. For now, plain and simple Chise’s mom did not really liked her and she died, that is all that needs to be known for now.

This episode was certainly enjoyable. Although there was that minute-long transition, with the calming music and scenery, it worked nicely. This is not a show with a lot of action, the manga captures the world with the scenes and dialogue. The anime expand on it nicely to give more of the scenes.

The episode was certainly enjoyable. Although most of what the manga portrays does not come until a little while longer, this episode starts to show signs of what the anime intends to be and expand on what the manga tries to show.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or Manga.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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