As I tend to state every episode review about being a fan of the manga I am liking the adaptation. However, I would still like to note that it is going at a slower pace than I originally thought. So far, they are covering one chapter per episode, although this one did cover two short chapters. There is certainly nothing wrong with that. Honestly, I was worried at first seeing something that was from around chapter 20 appearing in the opening theme and how they would rush through it by episode 12, since most opening themes change by then. But now I start to question exactly why are those scenes in the opening theme? I mean this one theme could take us through the whole series, it is rare nowadays, but still not unheard of. Ruth, an important character later, at this point is seemingly not going to appear until episode 8 to 10, if they keep this pace. There is nothing wrong with the pace, it just is starting to have me question where will this series end by episode 24. Will some arcs get a faster pace, or will it continue only adapting mostly one chapter per episode? With this episode, it ends the first manga volume I start to wonder a bit more each episode, but it is still too soon to judge.

So, that was a much longer introduction than normal, but it felt like it should be mentioned at least once. Either way let’s get started.

The Plot:

Chise is having another dream, probably. I assume this is part of her dream, since the series follows her, and well, it would seem odd if this short little sequence was just there to prep us for this episode. But it is about a woman asking a cat to spare one of their lives.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 1

Chise  wakes up, startled after discovering she was sleeping on Elias’ lap. Well, a cat then walks in and talks to them. Cats have nine lives, and with each life they become wiser. Thus, talking is not as farfetched, and is common for cats with later lives.

They make it to the town, and well, it is a Cat Kingdom. There are also a lot more talking cats too. One of the other missions Elias received from the church deals with the town. So Chise even meets the king, so she can tell them a bit of the issue they are having.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 5

While they do introduce themselves, Elias goes into hiding. One of the kids, and the king’s owner, well apparently children can see through magic. Elias does not like kids for this reason. So, he retreats to the shadows and does some investigating on his own, while the king decides to show Chise around.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 6

The cat king tells Chise that there used to be a man who killed cats to take their lives. The first cat king gathered the cats to kill the guy. So, naturally an issue coming up in the town, is feared that it might be connected to this.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 7

They make it too a lake, where there is this black blob thing. That blob is a corrupt soul, and has been trying to escape the last few days. It is the fear that the blob may not just kill cats this time, but people as well.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 8

While the cat king tries to explain more to Chise, a mysterious woman snatchers Chise to throw her in the lake.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 9

Chise has more of a vision. Apparently, the woman from the vision earlier she was sick. It then comes back to reality, and well she is the core of the corruption. Her husband is the corrupt soul, and he wanted to do anything to help her. She tells Chise something, but we as viewers don’t know what that is yet.

Chise wakes up, (poor girl keeps getting knocked out). Elias apologizes for not getting there sooner. But then he asks Chise to be the one to purify the corruption. He knows she hasn’t practiced magic yet, but he has faith in her. She also doesn’t want to disappoint him so she goes along with it.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 12

Now, why can’t Elias do it. I mean, he is a powerful mage, seemingly. It turns out since his essence is shadow, handling this sort of thing is very tricky.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 14

Anyway, Chise, with the help from one of those fairies that tried to kidnap her in episode one, go to purify that corruption.

Ancient Magus bride ep 4 pic 13

But before Chise can try to do her job, the mysterious woman from earlier appears with a knife pointed at Chise’s neck. Renfred, a sorcerer, appears. He really does not like mages. But him and Elias have a past, so tension starts to rise. Before Chise can get any answers out of him, he changes the direction back at Elias and how he has yet to tell Chise about the fate of a Sleigh Beggy and the death that await them. Thus the episode ends.

Overall Thoughts:

Again, obviously I enjoyed the episode. But just because I enjoyed it, doesn’t mean I won’t talk about the details.

This episode did feel a bit slow. But nothing about this series is about action or fighting. There is some drama here and there, and the next episode will kick off the drama to end off this storyline. This episode certainly used the two chapters to its advantage. Instead of trying to drag them out, since one was just Chise going to the Cat Kingdom, the other being the flashback and the very end of this episode. It had the earlier flashback blend in just right. It gave questions that gave answers this episode.

But a lot of it still relates a lot back to Chise. It does do its own thing, but there is the minor connection to her and what she wants. The cat saying her owner is like her daughter and she what mother would not do anything to protect their child. This reminding Chise of her own mother. Or the bigger thing, how the woman so easily asked to be killed or Chise learning she will die. Chise at times seemingly wants to die, but also the thought of it she is afraid of and it confuses her. These small connections really reminded me of this fact. Between her bewilderment or the shock at the end. How Chise is, well, certainly she is still trying to figure that out for herself.

I also like how magic was handled this episode. Not all information is still given about it. There are different types and people are better at different forms. The different aspects are not all seen the same way, such as the cats not liking anything but mages. There also being how Chise really has not had time to practice magic. Honestly at this point it is safe to assume she has been with Elias for a little over a week at most. Time between episode 1 and 2 taking place in the first three days, then maybe there being some time differences between 3 and 4. So, with the two being busy, well, it makes sense. But this is also a way for her to practice.

It is also the fact Chise goes, not as willingly, to deal with the corruption. How she was saying it made it seemed like she was not only forced, but worried if she failed something bad would happen. A part of her attachment to Elias right now for her is a mix of fear but also wanting to live up to the expectations he is setting out for her. Those few moments really brought that to light compared to previous episodes. Their relationship certainly has room to grow.

Overall, this show is having signs it will continue to get better. I am glad that it is following the manga rather closely and honestly seeing it animated allowing me to realize things about the manga more. It is because of this I am now going to start taking a more critical and analytical approach to this show for weekly reviews.

Overall Enjoyment:95/100

Score: A

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or Manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe