These last few months have been rather tricky when it comes to blogging. Sometimes I am easily into the mood, sometimes not so much. I also brought up the idea of creating a second blog, for fiction writing, that I would monetize.

The last few months, mainly due to stress, I have been finding it a little difficult to write anything fiction related. Be it something new or continuing a piece that is a little old. Well, it really put off the idea of creating a second blog for fiction writing. I still would like to do it. But it will certainly be some time until I could do it, as I would like to first get out a story once every week for about a month or two before switching to at least once every two to three weeks.

Back to the monetization aspect. Now, I know I said I never intended to make money off this blog. I know I have said it several times over the nearly three years. I personally do this for fun, and simply want to continue to see it that way. I felt as if I do monetize this blog, then I would feel like this would be work and perhaps lose interest in it because of this. However, after thinking about it for a little over a month, I think I might reconsider this.

This blog does have its ups and downs, but there are constant viewers, and I would like to see it go for as long as possible. I want to see it to continue to grow. After the first year I wanted to think that it could go for five. This past year has made me think twice about this, that it may not be possible. But I still want to make it to five years and I don’t want to give up on that goal.

Long story short, I think I may start monetizing the Reviewer’s Corner. But, before I fully decide on this I would like to gauge the interest of you, the followers/readers/or whomever may read this post. I may have the final say, however, I still hold the views of the readers just as well as it may influence my final decision.

If the case may be where I do monetize it, I would like to first make sure I can at least do at least two posts every other week, with a single post every other. I also need to ask a few of the other bloggers I know who do monetize their blogs and learn how to do it, and random things like that. So, for all I know, monetizing it might not happen, it might.

Upcoming Stuff:

As much as I would love to say there are a lot of posts coming out this month. Well, I might take it intentionally slow this month. This is not only so I can plan the posts for the three-year anniversary next month, but figure out what to do in 10 posts for the 500th blog post.

So, this month there should be the Ancient Magus’ Bride episode reviews. I probably will also have my initial thoughts on Pokemon Ultra Sun and probably mid-season impressions.

I also really need to update all the pages, although it is mainly the weekly review page, since I last updated that in January. So, this month I am going to change out the pages and give them a much-needed update, since some haven’t changed even the phrasing since I first posted them.

So again, thank you very much for reading. As always feel free to comment ideas or what you would like to see for future content. Especially feel free to comment your thoughts on if I should monetize the blog or not.

– Joe