A part of me already wants to reread the earlier chapters. I only say this since I read the first two volumes within a week. There is also the fact that, the in between chapters for arcs I somewhat forget. A bit before and after the next arc are a bit blurry for me for what happens.  There was also the fact there was several months in between reading the volumes as well, as time passed. Such is the downside of reading all the volumes that have been released to date. But, enough about that, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Still continuing a bit after where the last episode ended. This time Elias is talking to Renfred. Renfred is really not happy with Elias, partially due to his high hatred for mages, but also partially due to Elias not being a full human or fairy. Elias also asks how Renfred lost his arm, but before he could get any form of answers, Chise purified the creature and Renfred leaves.

Ancient Magus bride ep 6 pic 1Ancient Magus bride ep 6 pic 2

Thus, she nearly collapses. But, although she is nearly falling asleep due to using up a lot of her magic, Elias starts to explain how he never wanted Chise to know about her fate, at least not yet. He is certain he may save her. But he wanted her to trust him more before letting her know the truth. It sounded as if he was afraid she may leave him. He also reveals Chise may only have three more years of life left if nothing is done. He swears that she will live. He explains a bit of other things as well, before ultimately Chise falls asleep.

It turns out two weeks have passed since then. Chise has yet to wake up. I am starting to realize she collapses from exhaustion a lot in this series, and this certainly is not the last time this happens. Most of her time so far in this series amounted to more times asleep than with Elias. But Silky is a little upset by Chise not returning.

Ancient Magus bride ep 6 pic 5

Elias tells the priest that recovery, with magic, is much faster in the forest than in the city. He mentions under water, but I think that is for special cases. I only say that because people can’t breath underwater. So unless it is a super short time for magical recovery, I doubt it is used as often.

Ancient Magus bride ep 6 pic 6

Then she appears, the queen of the fairies. She wished to meet Chise, as she was curious about Elias’ wife. Of course, Elias tells the priest not to say anything, but that does not stop the Fairy Queen getting annoyed at him for worshipping god. So, she teleports him to some random location in the forest.

Then her husband appears. Despite the title of the episode both appear. Well, while the fairy queen is much more mature and seems more royal, the king is much more energetic. The first husband and wife pair we see this series are two completely different like night and day. He also teases Elias a bit.

Ancient Magus bride ep 6 pic 10

The king wakes Chise up, and well she is confused. The teasing continues and ultimately, he brings up the question on when Chise and Elias may have kids. At first Chise is embarrassed by the idea, but is curious herself.


After a short time of teasing the two go on their way. Both are curious on what may happen to Elias and Chise. The episode shortly ends after that.

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Overall Thoughts:

I remember the fairy queen and king appearing later. I remember little about their appearance now.  I also thought some other chapter was going to be adapted during this episode, but I guess that is after the next arc it goes through. I also remembered that particular chapter after seeing this episode. But it is also an in between arc chapter like this one. These two characters will appear later, and more than likely have importance beyond where I have read to in the manga.

I mean they are the Fairy King and Queen. There is the mentioning of their kingdom and world, which Chise nearly went to in episode one. However, we are still some ways away from Chise going there. Still these two would need to be brought up sooner rather than later. Elias is seemingly a lot more important with each episode. This episode reminded me a bit more about him, and questions him a bit more, namely how he is neither fairy or human, but was once one trying to become the other. I guess I forgot that.

This episode felt somewhat like two. The first few minutes were just about wrapping up the previous one. I mean the title drop did happen almost hallway through. Still, it had a nice transition without clearly telling us right away what happened. We got the fact shortly later that two weeks passed. It was clear some time has passed with Silky’s reaction, which was nice.

Silky does not say much, if anything, so really knowing how she feels comes down to how she acts. She also did try to leave the house, but was hesitant. Knowing a later chapter I think I know why she is hesitant, but it is nice to see that development for her character. Again, I am touching too much on the manga, despite this being something I only caught because of it.

The first half of the episode was mainly about getting answers to some questions, but also having more questions. Elias is still an enigma, and does not reveal everything. I mean his reasoning for wanting to hide the truth from Chise comes from the fact he felt she was not ready. He also may be certain he can save her, but he also has yet to tell her how or even do it. Elias clearly at times may have doubts. When he is certain on something he goes for it, therefore he knew Chise would be able to purify the corruption. He did not want to reveal the information yet because he is not completely certain. But he has hope he will. Realizing this I want to go back and read to see if there were any other moments like this. I think there are, but I am not certain myself. It just felt odd that Elias would not do anything if he knew what to do. Of course, this could come down to the mangaka not wanting to reveal everything either.

This episode was enjoyable, and it was nice to see some character development happen for an episode that was just in between the end of one arc and the start of another.

Overall Enjoyment: 90

Score: B

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or Manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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