It is so nice that they are done with this arc. Mostly since the character that was introduced last week’s episode now has a name I can say without going into spoilers. Either way, let’s get started.

The Plot:

Everyone is angry this episode. Starting off with Elias. This episode wasted no time and jumping right in where the last episode left off. Elias pretty much in full beast mode to fight that Chimera, while the dog boy tends to Chise.

Ancient Magus bride ep 8 pic 1

Of course, seeing Chise wounded, dying, and well everything like that, he gets some flashbacks to his past. His “Sister” she was red hair and green eyes. She was made fun of constantly, and well, she died running away from people picking on her. Grief-stricken, the dog waited until he died of waiting for her to return. Remembering this his memories officially return.

Back to Elias, he calls the mage by his real name, Cartaphilius, which sets him off big time. But Reinford pretty much appears behind him to shoot him in the back of the head. He even used special bullets.

Ancient Magus bride ep 8 pic 6

Elias then tries to stay away from Chise, believing that he is frightening her by his current looks. He is also worried wondering if she is in fact alright. But after Chise joked how he would not fit in the house, Elias turned to normal with a joke of his own. I was getting some serious Beauty and the Beast vibes here.

Reinford scolds Alice, which was honestly a nice sweet scene. Since he did say how much he cares for her as both his bodyguard and apprentice.

Ancient Magus bride ep 8 pic 9

Cartaphilius, is not dead. Even a bullet that cancel’s regeneration still was not enough. Chise is of course is now angry. The guy did deceive Matthew, the man from the previous arc, and now is using the Dog Boy’s imouto against him. She goes against Elias’ training to create something she should not, and nearly kills herself. Elias barely stops her in time from doing so.

A Wisp takes them away, to safety. The dog asks Chise if he may be her familiar. Doing so would prevent Cartaphilius from using him. Chise is at first reluctant, seeing that their lives would be tied, so when she dies he dies.

Ultimately, she does, giving him the name Ruth. The contract goes through, Cartaphilius is now angry, but gives up and leaves.

Cartaphilius was apparently cursed by the son of god. So, therefore he does these things. But the episode ends with the note it is time to head home.

Ancient Magus bride ep 8 pic 19Ancient Magus bride ep 8 pic 20

Overall Thoughts:

I am starting to realize after the episode and looking back on the screen caps, this show can be dark at times.

This episode felt like it went a lot faster than normal. They did cover almost a whole volume in the last two episodes. Which makes me now think this show will probably cover almost every volume currently out. So, that is probably why it felt like it was faster than normal. Looking at this arc and the previous one they share a similar plot structure. Luckily the next one is a bit different.

This episode was still alright. It did not feel like an ending with Cartaphilius, more than anything more questions are asked, and hardly any were answered. Elias turning into a monster, is sort of answering some things about him, just not a lot. But Cartaphilius, what he does, and his role, wasn’t. If anything, he could be an antagonist for this series, and where I am, reading at chapter 28, spoilers, but he has yet to return. Now I don’t know if he returns shortly after, but his character is a mystery.

The only thing this arc gave a conclusion to is Ruth, and who he was. His dynamic, as it was hinted at, and will be obvious soon, is he acts like an older brother to Chise. I won’t say more than that, but it was still nice to see the conclusion to who he was and what made him this way.

This episode may still have a role in the grand scale of things, but as a conclusion, it could have been better.

Enjoyment: 90/100

Score: B-

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or Manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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