Every year I am only more and more amazed how far this has come. This past year was certainly the rockiest yet, although, I have not fully bounced back from it, hopefully going into the next year will improve the quality of life of the blog.

Anyway, before I go on and explain what to expect this month, can I just say thank you. To all the people who have been here, be it just recently or since almost the beginning, thank you.

thank you


Alright, there is a lot of posts planned for this month. The big one being the 500th post. With only a few more posts to go, to kick off both this celebration, there are a lot of posts to come out so the 500th one will make sense on the day of the 3 year anniversary of my first post.

So, weekly reviews will continue for Ancient Magus’ Bride as it gets ready to enter the second cour.

I am also going to start reviewing A Certain Magical Index, bi-weekly. There are 48 episodes, and since I would like to weekly review the third season. I will be reviewing the show somewhat weekly. Each post will cover 2 to 3 episodes and aim to be bi-weekly to start off.

I do wish to try to get Top Fives to return again as well. Probably once a month. For now, there are at least one planned for this month, which is a secret.

This time of year, I do plan to do the Twelve Days of Anime: Best of 2017. I enjoyed doing those posts last year. I may not have the first year, but I certainly worked out the kinks and know what I will be doing for his year’s posts.

Of course, I also have some reviews planned as well.

Now, unlike the past few seasons I am uncertain what I am going to review come the winter here. Since I am doing both The Ancient Magus’ Bride and Index, I might not pick up another one here. So, expect any news for that next month.

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General Life Stuff:

This year has been difficult. I did not really mention it in the posts, but my drive for writing hit a wall this summer, mostly due to stress over my financial issue. Fiction writing especially hit a way. I was glad I continued to post here, although sometimes there were delays, I didn’t feel like it. But it help push me forward, and just being able to do a post here was helping me through those times.  I know in the spring when Twin Star Exorcists ended, I hit the wall where I was only doing my weekly reviews of Granblue Fantasy here so I could have content coming weekly. I want to get a lot of posts out this month to redeem myself, and look forward to the next year. I know there may be issues and I am uncertain where the next year will bring me. For now, I want to stay positive, and start kicking it off strong.

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Before I end I do want to make a small note. Last month I brought up the idea of monetizing The Reviewer’s Corner. I did a poll to gauge the interest if I should or not. There were plenty of support in the comments to go for it, so thank you. Well, I do plan to monetize The Reviewer’s Corner.

So, any tips would be appreciated. Some fellow bloggers gave me some tips when looking for affiliates, and whatnot, but any help is insanely appreciated. It won’t be this month when it happens, hopefully in the next month or two, given my current schedule.

As always thank you, and here is to another year.

– Joe