Why can’t I roll Artoria. I try so hard and can’t get her. Not only that I spent over 90 Quartz and couldn’t get Scatach, but every one of my friends in that game has her and Artoria. Why does this always happen with waifu rolls?

Okay, with that moment of despair out of that way, I think it is clear what today’s discussion will focus on: Fate/Grand Order, or Fate/GO.

The game has been out in Japan since 2015, and honestly came as a surprised to be announced for US earlier this year. At the time of this post the game has been out for almost 6 months, getting its release back in early June.

Now, I am not huge on the idea of mobile games, but this year I have played a few, and these are the more constant ones, Marvel Future Fight and Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Links being daily, while occasionally for login bonuses of Dragon Ball Dokan Battle and Fire Emblem Heroes. Fate/GO really changed that and got a majority of my attention since its release.

F2P vs P2W:

When it comes to mobile games there are the clear aspects of being either free to play or pay to win. Marvel Future Fight is primarily grindy, for characters, Yu-Gi-Oh is more about the cards, and honestly cards can be obtained fairly easily. While the other games, including Fate/GO are gatcha based.

Now, I am still getting used to Gatchas, so, there are two clear ways how I see it. Since gatchas tend to revolve around the in-game currency, this is mostly something one can buy with real world money. I never dropped any money on mobile games. However, each game with the gatcha system tends to have some free handouts in login bonuses or other in-game means. Fate/GO certainly has a great balance of this, and is by far the easiest to obtain the in-game currency (Quartz) for the gatchas.


Throughout a week one can summon for characters at least twice. Plus, they can gain plenty of chances through events, clearing chapters, and free summons for tickets that are given throughout the week and can be obtained several times a month.

Now, where the story is and how it is currently in-game, it can be easily done with a free to play style. Sure, no matter what people can still be pay to win, but all this really can get someone is a fancy servant. There is no player vs players aspect. It can make the game somewhat easier, but all an extra star is for a servant sometimes, just means their final form is 10 levels higher than one that isn’t.

To me, I do not see a problem. Recently there was a slight reward for those who do pay for the game, being an automatic 5 star servant. Which, honestly with how hard they can come by, and the ability to roll multiple 5 star servants in that one roll, well, it was tempting even for me. But the game always prioritizes quartz you obtained for free first over the paid ones, which unlike the other games can be really nice.

Gil summon

The gatcha as a whole could use a little balance. Craft Essences which can boost a servant, well they have higher drop rates. No matter what you get a 3 star servant. But well, it is easily to do several 10 rolls and get mostly Craft Essence. Which believe me this happens a lot, I gotten 3 5 star Craft Essences when rolling for Scathach in her limited gatcha, all on the same roll. To make matters worse I hardly got any servants from all those rolls, meaning I have all these things to power up servants with no servants to use them on. Other than the Rate Up being a lie, I am certainly okay with getting quartz and the f2p style. I did get 90 quartz 10 tickets in less than 2 months due to the events and story chapters and what not. The trick is just saving for either a limited gatcha or a rate up one for a character you want.


Focusing away from the Gatcha aspect and the f2p vs p2w aspects. This games story is still ongoing in Japan. It has 4 chapters now in the US, and honestly since it has been following the Japanese release fairly closely, another chapter is on its way rather soon more than likely.


I do find it interesting, and out of all the mobile games, this has a story that makes sense. Where some games the characters appear out of nowhere or whatever, this one the characters are servants like in all Fate series. So, being able to have all these characters appear has actual lore sense.

i don'

Some characters were made just for this game, while at least half have appeared in other Fate series, like Artoria. But there are also more classes for all the servants. Like now there is Artoria lancer, archer, and more. I can’t roll a single one of them, why is my luck this bad when it comes to rolling waifus. I can never seem to roll her. Seriously several people I know who have her at max. One even used the grail option to make her level 100. I can’t even roll the 4 star Alter Version. So, help me if I roll Nero or another fat Caesar one more time come the Saber Wars event. I will lose it.

Lily Artoria was given for free at launch and is currently my only hope.

The story works well as I was saying. But there are also the event stories which makes fun of every aspect in the game and the franchise. There are also the sometimes-silly side stories focusing on some of the characters which can allow for a better understanding of who they are, especially if they did not appear in the game’s story. It is a rather nice touch how it does not take itself too seriously. In the recent event, it even made fun of having terrible luck at the gatcha to obtain a high-level servant.

coughs blood

Other Aspects:

So, to me the most important thing in a mobile game comes down to the balance of free to play vs pay to win, story, and lastly what it has to offer for modes. While some games can have various forms, some tend to have the same thing just retexturized. Fate/GO has the second option. While there is a difference in challenge daily. There is story, and the side stories, which are pretty straight forward. There are the free quests, which is pretty much an easily to grind single spot for a material. There are also the daily exp and material dungeons that rotate throughout the week for materials that can mostly can only be obtained through there.


Honestly since playing this game I surprisingly haven’t gotten bored with the grind aspect. Sure, the drop rates can be a hassle at times. But the amount grinding gets easier and easier.

My team:

my team

Well, mostly everyone is fully ascended. Story wise, it can easily be done. The only real challenge being the final fights if you are not prepared. But the daily dungeons are easier and easier as time goes on. My team, as it stands now, can easily help me clear the next few chapters. Some of my friends who pay the Japanese release know that skills are important later. Right now, one just needs to overpower anything. The game comes more skill based later, but when that point comes, well, there will be plenty of characters that have been obtained to help through those tougher enemies. That curve is certainly great.


I will admit the grinding has made me a bit bored. But I found myself most bored when there was hardly any event and story update in the first 3 months of the game. The previous few months there has been almost non-stop events. With a week or two break in between. This change has help keep the game have some form of longevity that allows for me to come back.



Now, this game is clearly for Fate/Fans. This game can easily be played by anyone. This is self-contained so knowing any of the characters prior well, doesn’t amount too much. It can serve as a way to get into the idea of the other series. But the primary target is Fate/Fans.

As I have yet to pay for this game. There is no real reason for me to. Although unlike other games, where if I were to go p2w, at least with this game I can see that my joy or skill for the game won’t change if I were to do it.

I am rather enjoying it outside of my curse luck with this game. It has the right balance that I like. The game is not to easy where it will get boring, but the grind aspect can easily be a turn off. Although compared to other games this grind can vary from being easy to take a lot longer than you would like.

For anyone who is a Fate/Fan it is safe to say to check the game out.

Small Rant:

My luck is terrible, I can never roll my waifu. I somehow rolled a 5 star servant on my first roll. I somehow rolled Gilgamesh my first try. But that was back in June and July. Since then I have hardly gotten any 4 star servants. Did I use all my luck to roll Gil where I can’t roll a single waifu? Why is my luck this bad?

waiting for fate

Feel free to comment your experiance with mobile games for Fate/GO

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe