At first glance, this episode may come off simply as a filler episode or even an episode that is meant to serve as a starting point to the next arc. The second may be somewhat true, however, it allowed set up for the next to arcs, character development for Chise, and more. So, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Ruth is starting to get used to his new life, not only as Chise’s familiar, but also as a fairy. Of course there are some moments where he is still like a dog, and may act like such.

Ancient Magus bride ep 9 pic 1

It also turns out two weeks have passed since what happened at the church. Elias has yet to come out of his room, he has avoid eating, and well Chise is worried. It is clear Silky is worried too. But Silky also kicks Chise out of the house for a short time, just as long as she comes home by nightfall.

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While Chise and Ruth are out they run into Angelica. Chise and her talk and travel for a short time, Chise even buys some things to take home and share with Silky, as she will not accept presents.

Ancient Magus bride ep 9 pic 4

Angelica is wondering how the ring she gave Chise is doing. Although Chise says nothing is wrong, Ruth says otherwise. Angelica flicks her and tells Chise that she might screw something up if she does not tell anyone these things. Honestly, I don’t blame her, the past few episodes have shown how messed up magic can be at times from blowing people up or making bizarre creatures. There is a little drama later when Angelica says Chise is becoming too dependent on Elias. Chise is a little angry, but sadden seeing that again she has had hardly anyone to care for her. But she does acknowledge Angelica’s words.

Once Chise gets home she works up the courage to go into Elias’ room. Well, she is somewhat attacked from the start. Elias says he will explain it in the morning and right now his body is in complete disarray. While Chise does stay the night, Silky waits outside a hammer ready.

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The next morning Chise is haunted by a memory, and I really don’t want to spoil it. But Elias is nowhere to be found, again. So, Chise and Ruth go out looking for him. Ruth even goes Big Brother mode when they see the priest.

Ancient Magus bride ep 9 pic 9

They eventually pass a house and see a flower garden tended by an elderly man. A Leanan Sidhe is on his shoulders. They tend to take the blood of youthful young men in exchange to give them creative thoughts and talents. Ruth gets angry at her. But ultimately, he decides to go look for Elias on his own while Chise deals with this situation.

Long story short the old man writes stories, and a romance one of a vision of a beautiful woman he saw in his flower garden. It also turns out that Leanan Sidhe is in love with him, but she quickly denies it by kissing Chise.

Ancient Magus bride ep 9 pic 12Ancient Magus bride ep 9 pic 13

Ruth then tells Chise where Elias is, and well she is angry and wants to know exactly what he is, and what is going on with him. But before she really can, they are visited by Elias’ master’s familiar asking to borrow Chise for a bit to end the episode.

Overall Thoughts:

Now they covered two chapters this episode and honestly, they blend together rather nicely. The only feeling of a transition was from night to day. But what was revolving around Elias made it work rather nicely. This is unlike episode 6 when the fairy king and queen showed up. Sure, there were two different focus for characters, however both had the same impact and brought everything full circle, how Chise feels.

Now, I do like how they brought up Leanan Sidhe, it was around this time in the manga too. The fact that Chise could see what was happening and notice really their relationship brought her back to think a bit about her own, what it is like to care for someone else. Now Leanan Sidhe will be important after what I assume will be at least two or hopefully three episodes with Elias’ mentor. A lot of things about Elias are learned, and learned about Chise as well. I am also concern since by around episode 17 or 18 the latest the anime will be around where I am currently reading, and if the anime covers to volume 9, I will be in unfamiliar territory since that volume isn’t out in the US until next summer. But anyway, the next two arcs are important, both for their past, and what Chise is learning.

This episode worked well for Chise, compare her to episode one, and she seems like two different people. Although this episode did give us a few nice reminders of Chise’s past and how it still haunts her, now she is different. She still is having trouble admitting it, but she has found someone she cares for that also cares for her. In fact, she has found several people like that as well. Chise’s journey this episode brings that to full attention, both to the audience and herself. But she still has room to grow before she is willing to accept her new-found happiness making it for a rather nice episode.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Score: A

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or Manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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