Pokémon takes a lot of things for my firsts, my first game, anime, manga, and something I could share spending time with both my brothers and dad with. Now, last year the Sun and Moon anime started, well, although I haven’t watched Pokémon since half way through the third series in Hoenn, I have tried to get back to it in almost every series since. To top it off my first reaction to seeing the design changes, and how much has changed for the latest anime series, made me worried. I was wrong.


In recent months, I have seen countless people come out and mention how much they are loving the new series. It got me curious to say the least. I finally caved once Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon came out and started to watch a few episodes while I played the game. And I really enjoyed it. I haven’t enjoyed the anime since honestly Johto or when it began in Kanto.


Looking back on all the times I tried and failed to get into it, well it was simple, it felt too repetitive. The first series at times could get like that, but also everything was just so new, they had fun episodes, sad episodes, and so much more. When it came to Hoenn it felt like every episode was the same, Team Rocket swooped in, stole Pokémon, and then were stopped. Sinnoh felt like this too. Black and White, well although I will admit it had some interesting ideas, like small tournaments to replace the boring contest episodes, Ash was just soooooo dumb, like he regressed as a character. Now, I did enjoy X and Y, I only stopped because I just did not feel like continuing.


Sun and Moon is completely different. I hopped in on episode 20, since that was available for streaming on the Pokémon website. I did not feel a bit lost. With the other series it is a journey, so each episode feels like it needs to be seen to get the full effects of that journey. I did not get that feeling with this one. Episodes gave me that nostalgic feeling of the first series almost 20 years ago for me. I mean one episode went from battling a legendary Pokémon, to helping Litten’s friend who is dying (who actually did die), to an honestly pretty funny baseball episode. There was variety, and honestly it was a lot of fun.

I only wanted to return to this series since I been in love with the games for such a long time. That nostalgia makes me want to come back to the anime. What I got was something very different, like it wasn’t even the same series I grew up watching, and I am certainly glad.

The show puts a lot more focus on the characters. It is not so much about Ash’s journey, just him and his friends. Now, I don’t want every series of Pokémon to be like this. But this one is unique. It is like this generation for games. It takes away everything you known and changes it completely while still being a lot of fun.


But unlike others I am really curious on where it could go next. Looking at airing episodes they covered some pretty important things from the games in recent episodes. So, ultimately, since the Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games are just an enhanced and not a very different story from the first, this anime could go anywhere. I am honestly excited for it, which is certainly a first since the first series.

I do hope to continue it, now, maybe not into the following series, but who knows. This one is certainly brining me back in such a surprising way to a show I thought I would not only never return to, but one I thought I would not enjoy as much as I used to.

Feel free to give your thoughts on the new series, or even some thoughts on a series you returned to after a long time.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe