With the announcement of the third season finally happening, well, I am excited to say the least. Index was an anime I saw in my first year of watching anime. I think it was one of the first 10 series I ever watched too. I have seen it multiple times since then, however it has been about two years since I last tried to watch it. So, to prep for the third season, I decided to rewatch it to refresh myself once more and start doing bi-weekly episode reviews covering each arc or light novel volume adaptation. The exception is the first novel being covered in the first six episodes. So, these reviews will be a bit different from normal. Regardless I hope you enjoy, and let’s get started.

Episode 1 Plot:

So, main character, Toma, is running for his life, and he is unlucky. So, if this episode with the joke about his rotten luck is boring to you, well, it happens whenever action is not happening every so often. He fights the human bug zapper Misaka.

Index S1 Ep 1 Pic 1

Anyway, he has the power to nullify any unnatural power, and also his luck. The episode is an info dump to introduce a lot of the basic concepts. Toma’s bad luck. Index and how she constantly talks about god and magic, which honestly seems weird to be put together, but whatever. She is just a hungry girl Toma found on his balcony.

Index S1 Ep 1 Pic 2

The two get to know one another. But later, she is attacked and a mysterious dude appears to end the episode.

Index S1 Ep 1 Pic 3

Like I said, I am doing this a bit differently so I am being super brief about what each episode is about to cover them all without it being the length of my typical weekly reviews only with three posts in one.

Episode 2 Plot:

A lot of action, like 90 percent of this episode is action. There is the brief flashback to last episode with Index and her running around. But ultimately Toma finds out that well, her hood she wore was sort of tracking device. She went back for it, and well is now wounded. She wasn’t wounded by the guy, Stiyl Magnus, but someone else, unintentionally. Also it is Toma’s fault.

Index S1 Ep 2 Pic 1

So, I honestly forget, I mean Styil, spoiler, is actually a good guy. I am pretty sure if I remember correctly this was just him fake being evil, so other people who would want all those grimoires that are shoved in Index’s head, well probably turn tail the other way seeing someone as strong as him.

Index S1 Ep 2 Pic 2

But, since Toma doesn’t know this the fight ensues. He is angry, gets hurt by fire, a lot. But after turning on the sprinkler system Stiyl’s magic is useless, so Toma goes all One Punch Man on him.

Index S1 Ep 2 Pic 3

Then there is the issue of Index still dying. Well, on one hand Toma’s right hand would render Index’s healing magic useless, on the other, no esper could actually use magic. They are two sides of the same coin, and well, one side is incapable of using power from the other side. Since they are in a city of espers, well, that leaves just Toma’s loli teacher to help. She does, as soon as she can clear all the beer and cigarettes off the floor. Honestly, I remember not knowing what a loli was for well over a year and a half after getting into anime, so this really confused me when I first saw it. Anyway, Toma runs off to end the episode.

Index S1 Ep 2 Pic 4

Episode 3 Plot:

Time for some healing. Anyway, Index and Loli-sensei summon a demon, I mean angel, so Index can be healed. This goes on for the first half of the episode. There was this huge ritual that took a few tries, but they nailed it.

Index S1 Ep 3 Pic 1

Index S1 Ep 3 Pic 2

The following day well, it just turns into Index telling Toma more about herself, what magic is, and what kind of grimoires are in her head. But overall Stiyl is watching and notes that Index looks like she is having fun, and he reveals that him and Kaori were once her guardians.


Time passes, Index reveals she has amnesia. Well, somehow Toma is on his own, and the episode ends with him running into Kaori on a empty street.

Index S1 Ep 3 Pic 3

Overall Thoughts:

Index has a lot more info dumping then I remember. Also, every time I watch it I completely forget it takes 6 episodes to adapt the first novel.  Well, with all the info dumping happening I am not surprised. I mean there are moments of action, but there are plenty moments of just talking. I will say it does pay off, seeing that none of this is explained again.

I am glad however that I still enjoy it, maybe not as much as my first time watching it, but I can still say I will gladly keep it in my top 10 anime just off these three episodes.

I am curious if my thoughts on this series will change over time. I only seen the first season multiple times. I never rewatched the second season. Right now, I am watching it subbed, but I might change it to dub, as I do now own both seasons and enjoy the dub as much as the sub. Which I have to say the dub is pretty good. It takes a bit getting used to, mostly for Misaka and Index, but I am honestly thinking I like Index’s voice in the dub more. I may have to rewatch to remember.

Overall, I think the first episode was the weakest of the bunch. Watching the first two together, well, it is a different story. Episode two has the action that episode one left off on. Episode three continues somewhat of the issues that ended in episode two, only to go a little off on a long info dump. Again, this is still important as it does give a lot of important information. Mostly, Toma’s own power in his right hand cancels any chance of magic or esper powers he may obtain, as well as anyone who knows magic cannot be an essper and vice versa.

Obviously, again, I enjoy this series, so I will be saying this for a lot of the episodes. So, take my personal enjoyment grade and my normal grade for this show with a grain of salt.

Overall Enjoyment: 90/100

Plot Score:  C+

As I said I plan to do a post on each arc, so roughly three to four episodes per post. Arcs that are longer, well, those will be split up to cover two or three episodes each. For now, this will be bi-weekly. But it may turn into weekly posts depending on when the third season is airing if I am still working on posts.

This show is over almost a decade old, so may spoil future events. Either way, feel free to comment your thoughts on this series, and your hopes for season three. Just, don’t spoil what hasn’t been adapted yet.

This series is licensed by Funimation. Crunchyroll and Funimation have it legally streamed for free. Also Yen Press is releasing both the manga and light novels in North America.

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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Again, I hope you enjoyed and see you next time.

– Joe