Well, there is some finally some back story to answer some questions. Granted not all questions are answered, but something is better than nothing. Either way, let’s get right into it.

The Plot:

Elias is wandering in a snowy field after being attacked by wolves. He collapses and the wonderful opening kicks in. This is a flashback.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 1

Back to where last episode left off. Lindel’s familiar talks to Elias and Chise. Well, he wants to see his granddaughter, without Elias. So, in a way, I guess he views Elias as his son for being his apprentice, and Chise as his granddaughter for being his apprentice’s apprentice. Which is honestly a lot easier to say.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 2

It also turns out the dragon that came to see them is the small dragon back from episode 3. I even used that dragon as the feature image for that episode too.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 3

Anyway, Chise and Elias agree that she should go. This is to go and build her wand as well. But apparently Lindel wants to just talk and see Chise. So, they fly by the dragon to get there.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 4

Upon getting there, with some pleasant exchanges, Chise starts to climb up a tree to find the perfect branch for her wand. Reminder this is the tree the dragon turned into back in episode 3. So, it is nice to see Chise is holding up her promise.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 5

Meanwhile, Elias feels a little lonely without Chise. He doesn’t state it, but there is the fact he says the home feels cold. Anyway, a bird flies over and starts talking how Chise should be the college administrator. I honestly do not remember this from the manga, this may be original, it may not be.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 6

Back to Chise, Lindel first is a little annoyed Elias never revealed how old he is, and whatnot. So, to spite his apprentice. He decides to tell Chise a story.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 7

It is about how Lindel met Elias. Well, Elias has no idea what exactly happened to him. He woke up just walking. He does not know what he is, or anything about himself. Not even his name. So Lindel decides to take him to his master.Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 8

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 9

Well, his master is rather nice. She apparently gave Lindel his name. So, she talks to Elias and determines that Elias is close to being a fairy, but there are some human qualities in him. Now, there is the possibility of dark magic being used. She stops herself from saying something else. So, whatever that something else is, it probably is it.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 10

She then tells Lindel it is about time for him to have an apprentice, referring to Elias as a perfect example. He of course does not like the idea, but ultimately accepts it. His master then gives Elias a name, thus ending the flashback.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 11

Back to Elias, it turns out he is talking to Reinford, who warns him that Elias might ruin Chise if he does nothing more than letting her live with him. Thus, ending the episode.

Ancient Magus bride ep 10 pic 12

Overall Thoughts:

I really feel like I need to go back and read the manga again. I honestly don’t remember if the conversation between Elias and Reinford happened. I mean there is the huge possibility that I may be wrong and it did happen.

This episode I was looking forward to. It gave a bit of information about Elias. Granted we don’t know how he became the way he did. But the lack of trusts he has in people, well, how Lindel treated him may answer that.

Again, this episode brought up how Chise is being too complacent with Elias. A lot of people seem to bring it up, and this is important. I mean we get an understanding that Chise was abandoned by her family, so it is the reason why she is like this.

But this was a bit more interesting since we got to see Elias’ perspective for once. He too feels weird without Chise. Like last episode, Chise had trouble realizing her true feelings. This episode well, I don’t think Elias is accepting of his feelings, he just simply notes that it is weird without her. This will be important later.

This episode gives us a glimpse on the pass, while giving ideas for the future. Sure, other episodes have had more revelations, drama, or anything. This episode was still great at storytelling and being a starting point for more things to come.

Overall Enjoyment: 95/100

Score: A

Feel free to comment your thoughts on the series or Manga. (Try to keep mind of spoilers, for others who may read comments)

As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe