This is the third year I am doing a 12 Days of Anime. I liked how I set last year’s posts up, so I decided to do it again, only focusing on the best of this year instead of last year. I will be keeping the days relatively the same, with few changes. So, let’s get right into it. Also, happy holidays.

Feel free to comment what you thought was the best not airing anime you watched. If you rewatched it, that is fine too. 

Last year I could not give it to one spot, mostly since I did not finish those shows. I still haven’t finished them either. Mostly since Dragon Ball, Ghost in the Shell, and Aria are fairly long. I realized I am also not finished with the shows I will say this year.

One Piece:

I am never finishing this show. I saw 40 episodes, and sure I want to continue. But there is pretty much 800 more episodes to catch up on. It will take me over a year or two to watch to where the series is now.

Anyway, I decided to give the show a chance. I mean with how long it has been around and how it was a gateway anime to a lot of people, I figured it was worth that much. I surprisingly really enjoyed it. If not for being super busy I would gladly continue to watch it.

one piece

Excel Saga:

I started this a week ago, and unfortunately, I have little to no memory what shows I watched this summer for non-airing shows. But this show has been on my to-watch-list for some time now. It is pretty funny and I am surprisingly enjoying it a lot more than I thought I would. The show is from 1999, and well, some of the humor makes me think of some series that are around now.



Another old and popular show. Again, I did not finish it. I have a bad tendency to not finish long series. But it was still really enjoyable. The sub was good, but the dub really gave me memories of the original Pokemon series. I swear half the cast voiced some major role in the first season of Pokemon. At first, I did not like the dub, but it later came my main choice when watching the show.

see ya good night

Well, that is all for the first day. So, happy holidays.

– Joe