Well, if it hasn’t been known by now I am a chronic ending skipper. So, although there is no day for Best Ending Theme, here is to the best Opening.

So, there are a lot of shows out there. So, there are a lot of opening themes. Feel free to tell me which one was your favorite opening theme or ending theme.

Mine is still from Dragon Maid. The show aired back in January and yet I still like to listen to the opening more than once a day.

It is also still on youtube, so here it is, the official music video:

I just like the upbeat feel to it. It is fun and catchy. It went along great with the show too. Plus, I also like a vast majority of the opening themes this band, Fhána, does, so it is no surprise there too. But they had multiple songs come out for opening themes this year, but this was still my favorite.

I know this one is a little short, but I have the song at least. And Fhána is great.

Happy Holidays.

– Joe