Normally my rule for this sort of thing is that the character must appear for the first time in the year. But I am honestly making an accepting since looking back on this year, Cabbage Boy, Cabba from Dragon Ball Super is the only boy this year I actually cared about and would refer to as Best Boy. Sure, I would have put Astolfo from Fate/Apocrypha, but because Netflix likes to put the show out all at once, I get lazy with anime and only seen the first two episodes. .

Still, Astolfo is a good boy.

excited astolfo

Anyway, onto Cabbage Boy, and much like the best girls from yesterday, he too makes me constantly say “Protect Universe 6 Saiyans at all cost.”

For me, his character really shined this year, in the Tournament of Power Arc. Where he made his first appearance last year in the Universe 6 Tournament, he got a lot more screen time and back story this arc that made me enjoy the character a lot more. There is a difference between appearing for like 3 episodes vs appearing for well, a lot more than that seeing the arc is over 30 episodes long and he appears a lot throughout. Plus, thanks to him we get to see a different side to Vegeta, that normally we would not expect to see.

Cabbage Boy sees Vegata as a mentor, and Vegata may still be tough on him, but he accepts being looked up to in this way. Sure, he is a tough loving mentor, but deep beneath that tsundere layer, he does really care for Cabba.

I only wanted to bring this up, because it shows how much of an effect Cabba has on people. He is a bit timid, but still is brave, wants to protect others, and yet he is very passive. He was never one to really fight, but when there is trouble he wants to be there to help. Cabba wants to get stronger to protect people rather than a rivalry or to fight strong guys like the saiyans we are used to. It is honestly quite nice to see a rather nice change.

cabbage boy

He also trained both Kale and Caulifa to be Super Saiyans. In this arc too, both Caulifa and him could go Super Saiyan 2, but, hopefully they all come back, since Vegata promised and is honestly has his eyes set on bringing them back, and maybe then we can see more of Cabbage Boy with his passive ways.

Anyway, that was best boy, feel free to comment who you thought was best boy this year.

And of course happy holidays.

– Joe