Last year I dedicated a day for best yuri and yaoi and straight ship. This year I decided to leave those out. Mostly since I cannot think of a yaoi ship, and the yuri ship is the best ship this year, since I cannot think of a straight ship this year. So, yeah, the picture probably gave it away. Honestly, I am getting a little tired of bringing up this series. But, the best ship this year is from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid, and that being Kobayashi and Tooru.

It seemed right to pick these two as the best ship this year. I mean there were some ships this year, but honestly, I cannot really remember any of them. These two were the only that came to mind when I thought about the best ship. Of all the possible ships this year, this one certainly was a ship to say the least.

dragon maid
I mean they both pretty much see Kana as their daughter.

Now, I will say I am probably going into spoiler territories, since their relationship really shines in the final few episodes.

But where it started and where the show ended, their relationship became more apparent as the series progressed. Tooru was always out going and cared for Kobayashi. Kobayashi on the other hand was the total opposite. She began as distant, not wanting anything to do with Tooru, and simply wanted things to stay normal. But that changed by the time the show ended. Tooru disappeared for an episode, and she felt empty. She was bored, despite everything going back to normal. It was the final two episodes that help demonstrate how much they changed and how much there really is a relationship between the two.

dragon maid 2

Kobayashi in a way confessed in a sense to Tooru at the end. She stood up to Tooru’s dad and did not want to have Tooru leave her. She went through this change that made her realize exactly how much she relies on Tooru, and how much she cares for her.

Tooru on the other hand well, it felt like she didn’t change. She stayed persistent wanting Kobayashi to like her back. She accepted everything no matter what, and when the time finally came she was happy.  I mean, there were some issues along the way, I think, but she gave it her all regardless.


Nothing more to say, but feel free to comment on your favorite ship this year. It can be one that was hinted at or actually turned into something.

Happy Holidays.

– Joe