Well, this episode continues where the last episode left off. So, yay for more back story.  Anyway, time to get to know more about Elias, and his past.

The Plot:

Elias looks so lonely just sitting there at the start of the episode.

Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 1

But, after those few seconds of Elias being seen as lonely, it is back to Chise, and Lindel continuing his story. So, him and Elias apparently traveled for some time together. For a few years they would take in the sights, follow reindeer, and so much more.

One night when they were low on food, Lindel offered a family to heal them in exchange for food. Well, apparently the daughter had the sight, so she could see Elias. This caused her and the town to freak out. Ultimately, Lindel gets attacked and Elias goes into a psycho beast mode to nearly kill the town.

But, Lindel, wounds himself to use magic for the two of them to escape. While Elias then uses a spell that Lindel taught him. Well, Lindel wakes up to see Elias cooking. Then Elias, being Elias, drops the ball and how he may or may not have eaten people before.

Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 6Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 7

So, Chise is in shock. But, although she has seen other creatures wanting to eat humans before, Elias does not scare her. There was even a short clip from the OVAs used too, which was neat.

Lindel stops her from saying more, and how she should share her thoughts with Elias. Then Lindel, being Lindel, makes a witty remark about tasting bad. But, although he was afraid, it was Elias really bad cooking that made him not afraid any more. Chise, of course, is glad that Silky does the cooking.

Anyway, the next day Chise starts working on her wand. Lindel says that it is the senpai’s job to finish the wand, while it is up to Chise to do everything else.

Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 12

Chise works into the night, and well, there is a really lovely scene of Lindel singing. Chise then starts a water mirror to talk to Elias. Ultimately, Elias says it is cold without her. Chise on the other hand says it is about time for her to explain her past to Elias when she gets back. Thus, the episode ends.

Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 13Ancient Magus bride ep 11 pic 14

Overall Thoughts:

Let me first say that the singing scene was amazing. I mean, what can I say? Between the dancing, and the singing itself, was really good. The cinematography was really good. I mean, I am really surprised how well that came out.

As for the back story, well, it kind of did a nice job answering a bit about Elias past. However, it completely stopped after Lindel talked about Elias eating people. It felt like there should have been a bit more, but the focus really turned to that. I mean, yes this helped Chise realize something on how she sees Elias, but even then, it felt like it ended so abruptly, and there may have been more to the story.

Now, I don’t really have much else to say, since this episode was more focused on the back story. But it did feel like there could have been more. At least soon we will get Chise’s backstory so I can finally be blunt about it.

Overall Enjoyment: 90

Overall Score: B

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As always I hope you enjoyed.

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– Joe