I will say I would have put Little Witch Acadamia, if I finished it, but Netflix put that out all at once in the summer time and I just wasn’t motivated to watch it despite really wanting to watch it.  But this one is no surprise, mostly since I can’t remember any show other than two others, and this one I liked the most. Of course Konosuba is a second season, and I normally would do shows that aren’t on their second season, but I made an acception.

little witch acadamia

Now, I say Konosuba S2, because again, I remember it the most out of all the shows. Sure, there were a few, Interview with Monster Girls, which certainly was good. At the same time, I felt like I could easily stop watching that show or even never started it and I would not have missed anything important. The show is easily skippable, despite how decent it is.


Konosuba on the other hand, well, season one was really fun, and it got me excited for season two. Of all the series that aired in the winter time, they were either forgettable or not really the greatest. Konsuba certainly was not amazing and I would not recommend it to everyone, however, it was a good continuation. The issues mainly lie in the recycled moments from the first season. While that did happen there was a lot of new things done that season one did not do, making it more interesting.


It was still a pretty fun continuation that much like most other shows, makes me want a third season.

Anyway, feel free to comment what you thought was the best series in the winter season.

Happy Holidays.

– Joe