I am starting to see somewhat of a trend for the shows I pick for the best series in each season. I mean, Konosuba I did a review here, I may have reviewed Granblue Fantasy here, but Sakura Quest I enjoyed a lot more, I also reviewed it. Yes, it was two cour, but I count it as a spring series because that is when it first started to air.

Anyway, where should I begin with this series? Well, I mean I need to finish Shirobako, but it was from the creators of that. Shirobako was also really good, I wish I didn’t stop half way. But much like that series, it follows a group of girls working. Only, the girls aren’t working in the anime, but turning around a small town.

sakura quest

Now, I want to say why I really liked this show, but doing that spoils the entire series. The simplest way to put it in non-spoilers, is the lesson this series teaches. Failure is okay, but it is never the end. Even if our expectations are different. That may have spoiled some facts, but hopefully it gives somewhat of an idea of what happens.

The show starts off heading down one direction, and ends in a totally different one. It wasn’t only that but it gave the characters more life compared to other anime characters. Each one had their own goal, dream, and some were still trying to find that. But in the end, they each found something to what they were looking for. It was really nice. It was somewhat of a coming of age series, but I guess, coming of adulthood in adulthood or realizing it.

Sakura Quest Ep 14 pic 1

It was a pleasant series to watch, granted I didn’t watch it weekly, and binged the last 7 to 8 episodes into a single review, but it was still the best the spring had to offer.

As always feel free to comment what you thought was the best spring series.

Happy Holidays.

– Joe